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  • Hi, im new to using woocommerce, and also i dunno how to naming the topic for this case.
    i have special case for product & checkout for selling cake
    first category product is normal product
    for example: category: Mille Crepes

    • Chocolate factory – IDR350k
    • Vanilla Cloud – IDR200k
    • etc…

    then i input normally like normal product, add-to-cart and checkout using default. Also it has different price each item. each item = 1 box.

    second category product is variant product with flavour attribute.
    for example category: Royal Creme (est, 6 different flavour)

    • Chocolate
    • Melon
    • Vanilla

    the second category product, the case that product only have 2 options to add-to-cart.

    • 1 box with 1 flavour (chocolate/melon/vanilla with dropdown input)
    • 1 box with different flavour (with means 6 of them

    then i want to divide 6 flavour with 6 different picture. 1 box fill with 6 items.

    What i want to do with 2nd category:

    • 1. how to create product like second category
    • 2. how to give different flavour with different images to display.
    • 3. user must by minimal 1 box (6 item with different flavour or flavour)


    • – Mille Crepes link
    • – Shop Page link
    • – Royal Creme example product page add-to-cart link
    • – Royal Creme example while click picture per-product link

    *sorry to typo flavour instead flavor. Thank you

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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