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  • Hello. I have the twenty eleven as my default theme and created a child theme to make modifications. I tried to make changes but when I go visit my site I do not see any changes at all.
    I maybe doing it wrong? Where will I add the codes to make the changes? I have tried adding the codes on the child theme, it did not work. I went back reactivating the default theme and tried to add codes to make changes and still do not work.
    What then is the proper way to use the child theme? I have read lots of related topics at the CODEX section of WordPress and also on various websites but nothing come close to fix my problem.
    Thanks for anyone who has the answer.

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  • A child theme is a folder in the wp-content/themes directory that includes the following
    – a style.css that names the parent theme e.g. Template:parent_theme and replaces the parent’s style.css
    – optional template files such as page.php that override the files in the parent
    – optional functions.php that extends the functions.php in the parent




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    please give some more specific examples what changes you have made.

    and post a link to your site.

    @ Peter: Exactly, that was it. My question is when I wanted to make changes,( i.e.: fonts, colors, etc) how will I do it? Do I have to modify or make the changes in the parent theme then copy it into the child theme?

    You make your changes to the child theme only.

    @ alchymyth,
    The changes I made were to remove the “CATEGORIES” from my “BLOG” page as I wanted the categories in the HOME(static) page. So what I did was to remove the code, <?php get_sidebar(); ?> from the child theme’s single post, but the categories are still there in the blog section. You can view my blog here

    @esmi, thanks that was quick. I tried though to remove the code to call sidebar but did not work.

    Site url?

    There’s nothing wrong with your child theme but the single entry you have in the child’s stylesheet doesn’t make any sense. What is .single #author-info supposed to be for?

    No idea. I know nothing about how to create a child theme so what I did was download one of those available online and uploaded it to my directory.Do I have to remove it?

    Try deleting that child theme and uploading the blank child theme from ttp:// instead. Then try adding your new CSS to the child’s stylesheet after the @import url(../twentyeleven/style.css); line.

    Thank you very much you’re very helpful. And since we are on this topic, I have just read this moment about rtl.css which word press recommends to include in child theme. Do I have to do that?

    Not unless you intend to post in a right-to-left language such as Hebrew

    I see, thanks again.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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