• Hey. I noticed you added speakable intergration into your plugin. Under Schema List, News Article, Speakable there are two options; headline and summary. Do we leave these blank or do they have to be populated with information. If they have to be filled in, can you provide some examples or guidance on what info needs to be entered into the fields?

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    For those who want to get speakable working here are few things you need to do.

    You need to select Newsarticle, Blogarticle or Article schema and select speakable.

    I would recommend using Xpath, instead of the CSS option.

    Headline code is /html/head/title
    summary code is /html/head/meta[@name=’description’]/@content

    Once you put those code in, the ” and ” are automatically populated into the JSON schema code, you don’t need to put “/html/head/title”

    Once the code is done you need to test it with the structure data testing tool https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool

    If the code is working right, you will see the headline and summary populated with words.

    Once this is done you can submit it to Google to have to played on all of their speakers and voice things.

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    apparently you need to manually change the excerpt for all of your wordpress posts in order for this to work, in order for google to approve you.

    You need to manually create an exert so words aren’t getting cut off. Most people use automatic excerpts, so words will be like “the fox jumped over the hoop and walked to the store, he was quick and nimb… ” google will deny you. You need to use like All in one SEO or something similar that gives you total control over your excerpts, so they will fall just under 160 characters, so nothing will get cut off. Once you do that, Google should approve you for Speakable.

    “The fox jumped over the hoop and walked over the store, because he was nimble”

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    Cool tutorial and markup.
    @miiitaka Would it maybe make more sense, to use the excerpt as speakable content instead of the the SEO description?

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    Can iphone Siri also supports speakable markup

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