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  • Resolved creartlab


    is it compatible with a Spartoo feed too?
    I need to add some custom fields and the parent product with child/variations product for each variable products.

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  • Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hi @creartlab,

    No Spartoo is probably not supported. Do you have a link to their Feed Specifications? We do have a custom feed add-on, if the Feed Specifications are not to complex you might be able to make a feed using that add-on.

    If you send me a link to the Feed Specifications I can check for you.

    Thread Starter creartlab


    Hello Michael, thanks for replay.
    I added some custom fields like their codes for category, color, gender, etc
    But the real problem is the parent/child product.
    WP generates a CSV with variable products only with child variations (sizes or colors) and in Spartoo they need with parent product and also with child.


    Product – parent
    product S – child
    product M – child
    product L – child

    If you want I can send you the csv to check if it is possibile.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hi @creartlab,

    I looked at the feed specifications and I’m pretty sure you should be able to make an xml feed for Spartoo using our “Custom XML Export” channel.

    Could you give that a try?

    Thread Starter creartlab


    Hello Michel, yes we can try if course but they asked me a csv. don’t know if they can use it too. how I can try?

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Assuming you own the full (premium) version of our plugin, you can just add the “Custom XML Export” channel to your active channels and then use the specifications to add all the required and optional attributes to the feed. I assume you did that for the csv feed as well, using the “Custom CSC Export” channel?

    It would be strange for them to have xml feed specifications but to not accept xml feeds right?

    Thread Starter creartlab


    yes I tried with csv but i don’t have parent product but only child. Are you sure I generate a xml file with parent products? and what’s about custom fields, can i add them in xml file?

    It’s very strange, I sent a request if they will accept xml file.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Well if you select the “Include product variations” option on the Product Feed page, you will get the variations and not their parent product in the feed. If you deselect that option you should get the parent product (but not the variations) in your feed.

    I don’t think there is a use case for having both the parent as well as their variations in one feed.

    I assume you mean a product variation by “child”?

    Thread Starter creartlab


    it’s correct. In a variable product I can export only child or only parent. They want both in the file. for this I have the problem. There is a column in the csv “parent/child”. parent is main and child are all variations. Like in the file i sent to you.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    OK, strange never seen that being asked. But anyways, I don’t see that as a column in the xml feed. So as far as I can see you could just make an xml feed using our “Custom XML Export” channel and use that to send your products in right?

    Thread Starter creartlab


    Hello Michel,
    they sent me this xml exemple, is it possible to generate it in this way?






















    <!– … Più opzioni “size” possibili … –>




























    <!– … Più opzioni “info” possibili … –>




    <!– … Più opzioni “selection” possibili … –>



    <!– … Più opzioni “product” possibili … –>



    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Well this is completely different from their specifications. Really annoying they don’t just give out the specifications of the feed you need to make.

    The xml example is not possible with the Custom XML Export channel. It contains sub-attributes and that is not possible with this channel.

    If you can get their actual feed specifications I can most probably make a channel for it, but I do need to know what specifications they have. And if they use categories I also need a list of accepted categories from them (although I don’t seem to see a category in the xml example).

    Thread Starter creartlab


    yes I know it’s different but that was not official. they shears asked parent/child products.
    I will insert in products all custom forks with their codes. I will ask for xml feed specifications.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    OK, let me know when you have them.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hello @creartlab,

    Where you able to get the xml feed specifications? If they have csv or txt feed specifications that is also OK for me.

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hi @creartlab,

    I’m sorry we could not work out a solution for you without the correct specifications. But since we have not heard back from you in the past 2 weeks and we don’t want to leave tickets open forever, I will now be marking this support topic as resolved.

    However, if you want us to continue on finding a solution please reach out to us as we would be more than happy to further assist you!

    Thanks and have a great day!

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