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    The translation file for Spanish works very well… but there are some words and phrases that I can’t get translated, like:

    0 Customers / 0 Leads / 0 Opportunities / 0 Subscribers and search segment
    Wordpress menu: HR, Accounting, etc

    Kind regards,


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  • Plugin Support Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @norwebcl

    We have listed the missing strings on the GitHub. Please list your findings here-> https://github.com/wp-erp/wp-erp/issues/796

    We’ll make them all translateable soon 🙂




    Hi Mehedi,

    In the meanwhile can you told us in which pages we cant translate directly those words ??

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english.


    Plugin Support Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @caguilar1974

    That will require a lot of work changing the strings into another Language from the codes. Also, this is not a proper solution as those changes will be removed after an update.

    So, I’d recommend you to wait a few days. This task is already on our working list and we are hoping to make the untranslateable strings translatable soon.




    thank you so much @thebengalboy
    best regards!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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