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  • I am creating a Spanish version of my organization’s website and running into a problem with displaying Spanish accents into the website’s headers and widget titles. I am currently using the WordPressNext theme and the font in question is Museo 300 (cufon font). I have changed the language file to bbpress and changed the WPLANG code in wp-config. The site displays all the spanish characters and their accents in the body, but when it is displayed on the page headers or widget titles, these characters disappear. Also, I’m using UTF-8.

    You can see an example of what I’m talking about at the link below.
    You can see that the header title for this page is mission the accented “e” that is correctly displayed in the top navigation menu.

    Any suggestions to fix this problem would be appreciated.

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  • If you take a look at your web page source (a browser function) you will find this string: <h1>Programa Académico</h1>. WordPress outputs it correctly.

    The fix is probably to use a font that has all the characters you need.



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    your theme uses cufon font replacement – presumably the used font is missing some of the characters.

    possibly useful links:

    Missing foreign characters in Cufón? Bring them back!

    The problem was directly related to the cufon font I used (i.e. Museo 300). I wasn’t able to resolve the issue with Museo 300, but the cufon font replacement that alchymyth pointed out worked with any of the fonts located at I wasn’t able to replace my cufon font properly because I stupidly did not input the correct cufon font name (I thought I could just make it up!). Anyway, I was able to figure it out and now I’m pretty set with the font that I have chosen (i.e. TeX Gyre Aventor).

    Thanks again everyone for you input. It was really helpful!


    I’m having a similar problem only I don´t use Cufon Fonts. I just have Arial fonts. When I see the web page source I can see this <h1>Medik8 España</h1> but on the actual website the ñ doesn´t show.
    I thought that installing the in the languages folder and changed the wp-config would fix this problem but it hasn´t changed anything.

    Any ideas?

    Hello again,

    I managed to fix this. It was the cufon fonts after all.

    I am having the same problem wit h a webpage i am trying to fix !
    It doesn’t show Spanish accents at the headers of the page and i do not know at all what to do ! I am totally new into this and i would appreciate if you help me a bit on how to fix this !
    I cannot understand what cufon fonts are and what i have to do….
    Thanks a lot !

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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