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  • Plugin Author Blaz K.


    Thank you so much @nobnob. I really appreciate it!

    Best regards,

    Thank you, @blazk,

    There are a few strings that can’t be translated, because -I guess- they’re hard coded. To really have a complete translation, if you have some time, could you fix them?



    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    This is indeed possible. If you know which strings are problematic, it would be very helpful if you write them here 🙂 I’m planning to push a small update this week.


    No problem, Blaz. Of course!

    I’ll check them out this afternoon/evening and post them here for your reference.

    I hope to be on time for that update.

    Thank you!

    Hi, @blazk,

    These are the strings I’ve been able to locate (File – Line – Strings):

    – rate-my-post-menu-options.php – Lines 30 to 34 – Stars, Thumbs, Hearts, Smileys, Trophies
    – rate-my-post-menu-options.php – Lines 45 to 47 – Center, Left, Right
    – rate-my-post-menu-options.php – Line 505 – support forum
    – rate-my-post-menu-about.php – Line 27 – support forum
    – rate-my-post-menu-about.php – Line 34 – Blaz, the developer of Rate my Post plugin
    – rate-my-post-menu-security.php – Lines 31 to 33 – Author, Editor, Admin
    – rate-my-post-menu-security.php – Lines 45 & 46 – Everybody, Logged in users
    – rate-my-post-menu-security.php – Lines 62 & 63, 75 & 76, 88 & 89 – Yes, No
    – rate-my-post-menu-migration.php – Line 23 – Support Forum
    – class-rate-my-post-admin.php – Line 152, 167 & 182 – Settings, Stats, Analytics

    I know they’re not all… there are some more I need to check but, initially, these are the main ones.



    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    Thanks Javier! I will add these strings in the next update. I’m planning to release it by the end of the week.


    Hi @blazk,

    The rest of the strings I have been able to locate -I think they are the last ones- are in the JS file “jquery.dataTables.js”.

    The Spanish translation file contains:

    	"sProcessing":     "Procesando...",
                    "sLengthMenu":     "Mostrar _MENU_ registros",
                    "sZeroRecords":    "No se han encontrado resultados",
                    "sEmptyTable":     "No hay datos disponibles para esta tabla",
                    "sInfo":           "Mostrando los registros del _START_ al _END_, de un total de _TOTAL_ registros",
                    "sInfoEmpty":      "Mostrando los registros del 0 al 0, de un total de 0 registros",
                    "sInfoFiltered":   "(filtrado de un total de _MAX_ registros)",
                    "sInfoPostFix":    "",
                    "sSearch":         "Buscar:",
                    "sUrl":            "",
                    "sInfoThousands":  ".",
                    "sLoadingRecords": "Cargando...",
                    "oPaginate": {
                        "sFirst":    "Primero",
                        "sLast":     "Último",
                        "sNext":     "Siguiente",
                        "sPrevious": "Anterior"
                    "oAria": {
                        "sSortAscending":  ": Activar para ordenar la columna de manera ascendente",
                        "sSortDescending": ": Activar para ordenar la columna de manera descendente"
                    "buttons": {
                        "copy": "Copiar",
                        "colvis": "Visibilidad"

    Thanks again!



    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    Yeah, those are from the external library. I will check out how to localize them. Thanks Javier!


    Plugin Author Blaz K.


    Hi Javier,

    I added the missing strings in version 2.9.2. Thanks again for pointing them out for me! I haven’t yet had a time to deal with the external libraries but I will soon 🙂


    Hi Blaz,

    That’s great!
    I will translate them right now.
    Thank you for your effort and support. 😉


    Hola Javier,
    Gracias por la traducción, quería preguntarte cómo se puede machacar la traducción a ES sobre la original en inglés. O si hay que hacerlo manual.

    Hola @ignus,

    No entiendo muy bien tu pregunta… 🙁

    Si te refieres a aportar nuevas traducciones o modificar la traducción en Español, puedes hacerlo desde:


    Hola Javier, era una duda sobre traducir el plugin, pero al poco rato lo vi, era fácil hacerlo manual en las opciones. Perdona, intenté borrar mi mensaje pero no vi la opción.


    En la parte publica, con WPML, no se puede traducir esta frase

    Promedio de puntuación xxx Recuento de votos xxxx

    No pilla las traducciones en otros idiomas y dejar esta frase, sin poder cambiarla en español con otros termimos, ni en otros idiomas con EN, FR.

    Las demás frases sin problema, es como si, esta en concreto estuviera : Bloqueada y no figura en los strings. En ajsutes he puesto la opción “Modo de compatibilidad para webs multilingües ”


    In the public part, with WPML, this sentence cannot be translated

    Promedio de puntuación xxx Recuento de votos xxxx (it´s keeping ion spanish)

    Do not catch the translations in other languages and leave this sentence, without being able to change it in Spanish with other terms, or in other languages with EN, FR.

    The other phrases without problem, it is as if, this one in particular was : Blocked and does not appear in the strings. In ajsutes I have put the option “Compatibility mode for multilingual websites”.

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