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  • However…

    I don’t think that all the code of the plugin has been included in the POT language file – at least, that’s my experience. I have a mixed English-Spanish backend (I’m not using/testing the frontend). 🙂

    Anyone else have this experience?

    I agree. Frontend too.

    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    Yep. A lot of front-end strings weren’t wrapped in translation functions properly in 1.3. They’ve been fixed in 1.3.1, and I’ve now updated the .pot file on GitHub which will ship with the next version. If you wouldn’t mind, please submit a pull request there with a translation.


    Translation of for example “Dashboard” doesn’t appear in the Front/BackEnd (while “CollabPress” does). I think there is something missing or has wrong sequence in the code.

    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    @maksider the strings have been wrapped in translation functions properly in master on GitHub.

    Found it! When you add [collabpress] into post, you’ll see EN in the front-end of that page. When you look at admin’s back-end collabPress – projects, you see EN “Dashboard” etc.
    The problem is in the ‘collabpress/includes/template-tags.php’. Change ‘Dashboard’ and other link titles into
    “<?php _e(‘Dashboard’, ‘collabpress’)?>” etc.
    Translation functions are working pretty nice, thanks.

    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    Ah, thanks MakSider. Fixed in e58bd8ff431d9e99e9c10cdbb6edbb1082ae05b7

    Used the file and it seems to work …although on the Dashboard, several items in an upper-right menu have vanished. Is that supposed to happen, or was I to edit the file in some other way?



    My opinion: in template-tags.php you changes right things but improperly. In tags “a”
    Should become
    ><?php _e(‘Dashboard’, ‘collabpress’)?>
    <?php _e(‘Activity’, ‘collabpress’)?>
    And so on.
    Maybe, “;” before “?>” ( <?php _e(‘Dashboard’, ‘collabpress’); ?> ) is important.
    I’ve seen some code strings like “echo ‘ text in english'”, which couldn’t be translated through .po-s. Although they are warnings or something like that (you don’t have permission…)

    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    @mangoman that’s not our plugin.

    @maksider semicolons are not standard or required in inline php _e statements. If there are any strings not wrapped in the WP translation API pull requests are welcome in Github.

    Eric: My apologies. 🙁 There are several missing strings, though.

    BTW, I’ve translated both plugins and am having my partner compare them!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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