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  • Jon


    When I remove bold the html converts to
    span style=”font-weight: normal;”
    this generally messes everything up and is not required either. Why is this? It used to just remove the formatting completely.

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  • Yeah, WYSIWYG editors are funny. TinyMCE being no exception. I can’t see your page, but I have a guess. If you have other text on that post formatted in some way, bold, italics, colors, heading, what-have-you, it may re-write the span instead of taking it off.

    I tried to replicate your problem, and I could not. Bolding simply adding STRONG tags, no spans. And un-bolding removed them nicely. I have WP 3.03. Maybe you’re using some editor plugin?

    Anyway, if you are using the typical editor, I do have something you can try. Assuming you’re using the visual editor, you can look for a small icon on the toolbar that’s supposed to look like an eraser, this is “Remove Formatting”. If you don’t see it, try find and click the “Show Kitchen Sink” icon. Then highlight the text in question (or the whole post if you want to clear it all), and click Remove Formatting.

    OH! I forgot one important thing… if you’re pasting stuff from some word processor, you could have all kinds of nasty extra HTML tags in there. People often don’t realize this is happening, and can completely wreck the look of their site by pasting MS Word stuff, or stuff from a Mac word processor, for instance. If this is what you’re doing, then use the “Paste as Plain Text” (with the letter “T” on it) instead of just pasting the stuff into your post.

    Good luck, D

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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