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    Hi @modemlooper

    I found another bug, I think…

    I used firebug in FF and this line comes up in firebug that generates a </span> that is not closed properly?
    <a href="" class="front-member-item" title="<span class=" bp-verified-members"=""> ??

    Anyway – this generates the result on the front-end –> myusername”> example:

    Which is not so pretty.

    Screenshot firebug:

    I attempted to narrow it down myself in your code files in the plugin folder, but did not have much success with it.


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    That looks like its theme related. I’m filtering usernames and the badge shouldn’t be used in the title attribute. That being said if the username function is used in the title attribute it will break. The end span isn’t missing but getting broken.

    I would go into theme or widget code and remove the username function from the title attribute.

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    Hi Modemlooper.

    Thanks for this information. Appreciate your answer!I will proceed and check my themes code.

    Have a fabulous day and good weekend.

    Cheers! 😉


    I am running the latest WordPress 4.7.3 and BuddyPress 2.8.2 as well as a custom _s theme and your plugin. I get 2 errors that have appeared and that is when I send a verified user a public message via the front end on BuddyPress there appears to be coding as identified below that gets filled in in the message window:
    [user] <span id=\”bp-verified-header\”>verified badge</span>

    and I also do get a message when I use the front end widget such as this: [user]”>
    which seems to be a <span> error.

    The website is:

    Thank you,

    – Fred

    <span id=\"bp-verified-header\"><img class=\"verified-badge\" src=\"\" alt=\"verified badge\"></span>

    @modemlooper Hello. Could you please give an example? I am using Kleo theme and I can’t find a resolution per your suggestion. I would really appreciate an example or some more explicit guidance…I really like your plugin, but get the odd code on update form for mentions is really unfortunate. Thanks in advance!

    Hello there,
    This issue is a minor conflict with the way Buddypress core widget works. I’ll give an example with the Members Widget (Code located in BP-Members/Classes/class-bp-core-members-widget.php)
    The way this plugin works is that it adds an image to each member name, using a standard HTML code if that member is marked as verified.
    You cannot change the way the plugin works, as it’s the best possible way to display a verified tick.

    The problem with the BP Members widget is that is uses “user name” as a tool tip for the image of the users displayed in the widget.
    So what happens is we have <img src="memberimgurl" title="$username">
    What happens is without the verified plugin $Username = John Doe
    Afer the plugin $Username = <img src="verifiedtick.png"> John Doe, which causes the tag to close earlier than it needs to be.

    Remove the tooltip from the images in the widget as follows:
    For example Members Widget:
    Go to line:129
    <a href="<?php bp_member_permalink() ?>" class="bp-tooltip" data-bp-tooltip="<?php bp_member_name(); ?>"><?php bp_member_avatar(); ?></a>

    And replace it with:
    <a href="<?php bp_member_permalink() ?>"><?php bp_member_avatar(); ?></a>

    What I did was simply remove the tooltip to avoid the problem.

    One problem with this solution is that if you update BuddyPress you need to re-edit the code.

    Richard Foley


    My solution was to remove the bp_member_name() content from the tooltip data assignment:

    data-bp-tooltip="<?php bp_member_name(); ?>"



    This then displayed the member avatar listings correctly, with ticks.

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