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  • Some way of having a contact form, or a spamproofed email address would be useful. The blog owners email address is already stored within the program somewhere, so having a way for a reader to click a link and submit an email (or similar) would be cool.
    Although contact forms are available, and using various scripts and codes can do this, an inbuilt feature would enhance WP.

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  • Sushubh


    Yea, I saw that thread …
    The Formmail script I downloaded is nasty. I cannot delete one of the folders within it (I’ll have to use DOS I reckon) so I don’t want it.
    It wasn’t a foobarred download (I tried twice) and even just deleting individual files within that download took suspiciously long.
    I did look at yours Sushubh, but couldn’t figure it out 🙂
    I have found a script, and once the sendmail works, it’ll do, but given that we have anti-spam measures for comments, and email spam is even more of a problem, I still think it would be a nice bonus to have such a feature in WP.
    Putting anything into a Link results in the Link coding being applied, so it’s not as straightforward if you want (as I do) a ‘contact’ link to be similarly styled. Calling a ‘formmail.php’ can be styled easily, and although there are security risks with having such a script on your site, I’d like to think that given the correct warnings, people would find it useful.
    Anyway, I thought I’d add to the WP Wishlist 🙂



    well my script is simple…
    u change the dummy address inside the file save it as php file on the server
    than run it! 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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