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  • I have seen that some spammers have used WP for their
    stupidity… The thing is, they can’t even make a site
    that anyone would go to…

    [ link removed ]

    Why are so many afraid to make sites and blogs that people
    can get use out of?!

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  • I have also seen such spam websites and they also use specialized robot type plugins for auto-posting from web.



    very awesome

    SPAM’ers don’t care about people getting use out of their sites. They only care about getting page views and click-throughs to advertisers. That’s all that they are in it for. The reason they don’t try harder is because there’s no reason for them to. The sites that they make are found, indexed go OK for a little while, and are then blacklisted pretty fast when they are found to be so SPAM’y. There’s no point putting alot of effort into building that when you can set up some automated system to create content for you without you needing to lift a finger, run a site for a little while, make a few $ then move on to the next one when that site is dropped. It’s all about volume and clicks. The more sites the more chance you have of getting visitors and if they earn enough ad money to pay for their domain name, they are considered “successful”.

    How do I know this? A few years ago I worked for a company that did exactly this. Everything was automated, and everything was set up to be “throw-away” when the revenue dropped off. As you can imagine I didn’t stay there for long, but it did give me a good insight as to how and why these things are set up.

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