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  • I recently googled to see who links to my blog and found a couple of my posts linked all over the web on forums. Spammers would post icky stuff and then list a bunch of sites, mine included.

    What is the possible benefit of this? There is nothing on my pages that are in conjunction with the nastiness they are posting about.

    Also, is there a way to stop that or at least foul that up?

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  • No. But there is usually no negative side to this for you either. The most it will do is potentially give you a few more visitors and the search engines won’t penalize you. You may not like your site being associated with such nastiness, but it is unlikely that anyone else will notice and/or care.

    It seems odd that they would be linking to your for no apparent reason though.

    If you can find them doing anything which search engines may not like, you could file a complaint with the search engines and hope that they will drop them from their indexes. If they’re linking to your for no particular reason then it is likely that they are doing some sort of SEO technique to trick the search engines.

    Actually … now that I think about this a little more … it sounds like they’re doing some sort of black hat SEO. File a complaint with Google, let them know as much information as possible and they’ll look into it. They won’t care about your site being linked to, but they will care if the other site is trying to manipulate the SERPs and will slash them from their indexes if that is indeed the case (which it sounds like it is).

    Check the page source on their site too, it is possible that there is some content hidden on the page which is related to your blog – hence the links back to your site.

    Thanks for that info, Ryanhellyer. I really don’t want to visit their home site(s). *ick* The linking makes it very difficult to search who is legitimately linking to my site. (search results)

    I see that they put a bunch of porn/viagra/junk, then list a bunch of random sites which are unrelated to mine or the junk. It’s very weird.

    That’s pretty weird. I had a look through a bunch of those sites but couldn’t find any reason for them to be linking to you.

    None of them were particularly offensive either. Just random links all over the place. Very, very strange.

    Perhaps they are just linking to you in the thought that you will look for your own site and then click one of their links/advertisements? Sounds like a stupid thing for a spammer to do, but as we all know … all spammers are stupid idiots by their very nature.


    I had this same issue. It was somewhat of a bot attack. If you really don’t want them I would recommend WP-SpamFree. Great way to block out those spam comments.

    Hope this helps!

    Ewizac: I will look into WP-SpamFree! Thank you.

    ryanhellyer: That does seem a very stupid way to get *one hit” on their site. However, I had a thought reading your and Ewizac’s post just now. Maybe they are thinking that anyone looking up anything posted in that thread (through a google search on RSS feeds for instance, as one of the posts linked was on what RSS feeds are), would also hit their site. And a google search does count as a hit on your site (at least it does with site meter) even if the searcher doesn’t actually go to your site. If so, it’s a cheap and dirty trick.

    Welp, thanks to the “webalizer” provided by my site host, I found a reference to Adsoft Development. Since there are NO ads on my site, I looked them up. Apparently the guy who runs this site is a known guestbook and forum spammer (and now blog spammer, I imagine). Here is Spamhuntress’s page on him. If you look at the domains used by adsoft, you will see that some of those listed are used in the spam comments that come up when I do a search.

    I asked my site host about this and they said that could block certain IPs and domains from my site. They directed me to CPanel’s “CPanel / IP Deny Manager” where I can block IPs, and for changing the .htaccess log directly, THIS SITE.

    Using the list of domains provided by Spamhuntress, I blocked the domains using the htaccess file.

    Akismet is very good about catching comments from this spammer, so I am already protected against any of their spam showing up on MY blog. What I am hoping is that my link will become useless to them (whatever benefit they get from it!) and will stop showing up in their forum spam!

    If anyone has any other ideas, let me know!

    I didn’t see your post when I made mine, but here is the fix and a great proccess to take with spammers and thier unethical hosting companies. I had made my post at

    in your case swikan , sue them for slander and defimation of charactor. It seems like this guy is in europe. I have a better thought get a flight over there go to this guys house and put your foot in his bum hard enogh to make his head hit the ceilling. once your done with that let him know that if he doesn’t remove you link from all of his posts you will come back with a gun and finish the job in the morning 🙂

    Don’t forget to tell him his kids names and his parents address this lets him know you mean business lol

    Hi, peakstudios! That’s what I did. I started with the domain name as I had already furiously deleted the post from my Akismet and couldn’t discern which IPs were theirs from my site meter. But I will sure start blocking any IP number that gets through to Akismet!!!

    ROFL at your suing suggestion. Boy, would I love to. But this guy’s actually in Russia, who are slower than even Europe and America with doing anything about those guys. The kick in the pants suggestion is an idea that has terrific merit, though! HAHAHAH

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