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  • I second that…..Especially that guy that did the trencaspammers spam.

    Hey, shouldn’t that finger be covered in something?

    It’s always best to practise safe salutes.

    764 comment spams in one night last night. That’s a record at my site, where I usually get one or two a week. This means war.


    Yes, seems that some lucky porn/casino lover didn’t have a date last night…

    poor sweetie pie.

    over 1,000 filthy comment spams snared into moderation on a single blog, the others were less impressive assaults.

    not a single comment spam got through…

    and now my right index finger is exhausted from clicking the “delete” button.

    thankfull that they are dousable as a posse in 1.5


    p.s. thank you kitten!!!

    If you use Spaminator, you can turn off email notifications and you can forget that Spaminator is hard at work helping you out. I love the blessed silence of my empty inbox and moderation queue. 🙂

    Well, I am using Spaminator and updated to the latest nightly just a couple of days ago.

    This morning, however, truckloads of spam started coming in, and although Spaminator did catch a few, many of them went through at the rate of about 4 per minute, and appeared as approved, visible comments.

    I’ve now turned off commenting, so nothing gets posted, but spam is still coming through and filling up the database.

    Happy New Year to you too.

    have you migrated your wp-comment-post to something… oh say like “wp-nospam.php” ?

    that always helps too (i think)


    It may just be that I need to make Spaminator less lenient, but that’s a nice, brute force method to deny any post. Thanks for sharing that. — Eric

    i got a tearful phone call from someone a week ago appologizing for being banned from my blog.

    she cleared her cookies, and entered the info correctly and was right back in business.

    one wish i have for spamminator is that the user (me) be able to set something up where a user who is already cool can continue, post links, and say whatever they want.

    yet that opens a really ugly stone door now doesn’t it?

    maybe it is best to just get tougher.

    make my friends cry!

    ; )

    Improvement: I’ve just lowered the crapflooding setting to 10 seconds; now my moderation queue stays empty. Then turned the comments back on, *looks* like it stays clean. Now all I need to do is warn posters that comments are moderated.

    I’m wondering how many hours WP users alone are wasting on this worldwide…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    spiff06 – in answer, no more than for any other blogging system, and in reality, very probably less.

    There are many possible solutions…

    dss: It looks as though Spaminator already does have an option similar to what you wish for:

    “Update 1/11/2004: I’ve cleaned up the code, and added a “whitelistingâ€? check. If an email address is found to have previously approved comment, they get 5 “bonusâ€? points to offset things like being from the same IP subnet as a spammer.”

    podz: I didn’t mean to say WP bloggers have any more issues with this than others. All I’m wondering about is whether time wasted on the flooding attack that appeared in the past few hours can be at all quantified.

    (edited for clarity)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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