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  • Spammers and spambots are bypassing the WP registration process and are just appearing in my list of registered users. The WP admin panel does not send me the normal automated message that a new user has registered. Instead I have to login to the admin panel daily, scroll the list of new users, google their names, and then manually delete the ones which are spammers from the list of users.

    I next installed the excellent BotScout script which cut the offenders’ daily registrations in half because it compares their e-mail names against its database of spammers and spambots, and then it blocks them from self-registering, but some spambots still slip through anyway. WP works fine for notifying me by e-mail when normal people self-register, but spammers seem to be able to beat the system.

    Is everyone else just manually deleting spammers? Any suggestions?

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