• Reported by another user before, reporting again, same message (same typos), different website:

    Hi, your blog 2013.russia.wordcamp.org looks quality and interesting.
    I am CEO of AtContent, a platform which helps bloggers dramatically increase their audiences and drive more traffic to their blogs!
    It is free and super easy to use, and over 10,000 blogs are aleready on board.
    I personally invite you to join AtContent!
    To join, connect your blog to AtContent via WordPress plugin: wordpress.org/plugins/atcontent/
    What bloggers say about AtContent:
    Have a great day and see you on AtContent.
    Alexey Semeney, CEO
    [email address]

    This came in on an official WordCamp e-mail address.

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  • Hi Konstantin,

    Thanks for your feedback. I was testing new ways to invite bloggers I like to join AtContent. It’s an invite, it can’t be really different.

    However, I hear you, maybe there is something wrong with it and we should test other ways.


    Interested to know what exactly is it that you “like” about the “blogger” from last year’s WordCamp event in Russia, and how could they possibly be interested in joining your plugin/service with a pretty much static website that nobody’s written to in over a year 🙂

    We should test other ways.

    Please don’t.

    Hey Konstantin,

    Looks like you look at a wrong website, because AtContent.com is a very actively growing platform with thousands of new posts every day.

    “Like” – Your blog has a lot of cool tech posts. Other bloggers would like to repost it.

    WordCamp event in Russia – would happy to chat actually while you enjoy your Heineken. Do you have skype?

    Heh, you need to re-read my last message, and then read your reply, because it looks like you got it all wrong.

    Also, your e-mail says 2013.russia.wordcamp.org, which is not my tech website. I just happen to have access to the official event e-mail address behind it, which is another point proving this invitation technique of yours is pure spam. So take your beer back and go enjoy more 1-star ratings as they keep coming in.

    A better “CEO” would have admitted it was spam long ago, and apologized for all the time they’ve wasted, but you seem to just keep pushing to get your plugin suspended. Good luck.

    Hey man,

    Looks like it was a mistake from my side if you consider it as a spam, and I apologize for that. Not all things we try work well. I’d happy to follow your feedback and find a clear way to promote our plugin. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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