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  • Site is not quite 2 months old, so I’m a newbie.

    This morning when looking over the Akismet spam list there was a site that actually looked like a legitmate comment, but when the article is clicked on instead of seeing the article posted on my site one of those junk ad sites appeared with snippets of content from the article/blog.

    No where on the page was there a reference to my site. Several of my articles were listed and clicking on them just showed a snippet of the article and never any mention of my site.

    Akismet showed the IP for the spammer.

    Can someone explain what this guy is doing? What damage it does to any search engine rankings–I’m thinking that the duplicate content might be an issue.

    I’ve already banned the IP. Is there anything else that can be done, I’d love to shut this guy down.

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  • I just had a pingback from this site on my blog and took a look at the post on IP ( I was not sure whether it was a spammer or not and googling has brought me to this post.

    The title of the suspect post is exactly the same title as a post on my blog and the text written is an excerpt of my post. However, the links to that are posted directly below the suspect post title are not mine. There was also a popup that was blocked by firefox. I did NOT choose to look at whatever was there.

    I believe that the reason for this site is to garner google ad revenue.

    I have just reported the site to just in case it is a site. I also plan to report it to google.

    edit: This is how I reported the site to google ads:

    I clicked on the “Ads by Google” link that was on the suspect page. I was taken to a feedback page and clicked on the link “Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw” and filled out the form that appeared.

    You can also use the google adsense contact form. If you use the form, Google asks that

    In your message, please be sure to include:

    # The URL of the violating website
    # A description of the violation
    # The specific location of the violation, if applicable

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