• Hello. We were attacked by the same spammer more than a dozen times yesterday. He tried to drop a message with a hyperlink that leads to their site. The site is empty. There is just a GIF animation or something. (Don’t go there.) My e-mail program crashed right after visiting this guy’s site although I don’t think that’s related. There’s a screenshot of their website posted at our blog if you want to see it. Anyway, this guy’s intentions are uknown, so it’s kind of scary as to what he is going to do next.

    The site is located at informazionidiretto.info. They also use several other domain aliases although none of them has a dedicated IP address. The IP address of the website is The site seems to be harbored by a czech web hosting company named ‘UPL TELECOM.’ I e-mailed them (abuse@casablanca.cz) three times to remind them that one of their clients is a spammer. But there is no response.

    Apparently, this guy is disguising his IP address. I don’t know exactly how he does. He must be using an anonymizer application, proxy or whatever. Since he shows various IP addresses, there is no point of blocking any of the IP addresses to prevent him from coming.

    For now, he’s been quite. I advise you to put the following words in the black list even before he comes.


    It seems that his spammer comes from Italy or its neighboring country. But who know? Anyway, if you have any advice or comments or whatever, let me know. There is more information about this cyber criminal at http://machouse.mhouse-j.com/?p=142

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  • Do you use any anti-spam plugins? Bad Behavior? Akismet? Spam Karma?

    I just want to know which, if any, anti-spam measures that this made it past.

    Also, if you’re not using those plugins, then may I suggest installing at least 2 of the above? Your spam problems really will stop after you start using these. They are highly effective.

    Otto42, thanks. We don’t have those plug-ins. We’ll get them.

    Take a look at http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugins/Spam_Tools if you want more tools,

    I suggest akismet or spam karma 2 personally..

    Thanks, akurashy. Yes. I’ll go get them. Today, we were invaded by the following spammers with another dozen of damn threads.

    makenews.org ( A Russian spammer?
    clicknews.org ( Another Russian spammer?
    go2clickbank.com ( A spammer based around the Dallas area?
    blogprocessing.net ( hosted by Intercage Network in CA
    givenews.org ( Domain aliases with clicknews.org

    Does anybody happen to know how they disguise their IP addresses?

    Botnets. Nearly all spam these days goes through botnets.

    I recommend Bad Behavior and Akismet.
    -Bad Behavior recognizes the difference between automated spam and actual human beings, and in so doing straight up blocks 90% of the spam.
    -Akismet then sends all the comments that make it past Bad Behavior to the Akismet servers which then sends back a pass/fail, flagging the spam.

    The combination of these two is a powerful one.

    I have not used Spam Karma, so I cannot comment on it.

    Whoa… There are lots of nice spammer busters. “Comment Authorization Plugin” sounds interesting.

    Thanks, Otto42. I’ll take a look at ‘Bad Behavior’ and ‘Akismet,’ then.

    ggggg… I like the domain name of ‘homelandstupidity.’ Ahahaha…

    Whoa… ‘Akismet’ sounds good. I’m impressed by people making these spam busters to give us a safe environment back.

    I generally use all three, though it annoys me no end that I have to have something “special” to use akismet….

    from my simple blog :

    Akismet has caught 6,392 spam for you since you installed it…

    so getting few spam/day is normal :d

    Okay. Thanks. I guess I was naive. I was even letting people drop comments without logging in. And I had no spam buster plug-ins. Now, I have ‘Bad Behavior,’ ‘Comment Authorization’ and ‘Akismet.’ I just wonder if there will be any incompatibility issues after installing more than a few of them…

    Thanks for your valuable advice, guys. If you have more, let me know.

    The most annoying thing bloggers invented is any kind of “authorization”, registering requirements and other useless BS. They don’t really stop spam – but chase away legitimate commenters.
    You got the best advice above:
    Nothing works better than those – as it was described by very knowledgable members to you. If there was a compatibility “issue” with the 3 suggested plugins… nobody would say to install them together.
    I don’t know about that other thing you have.

    >If there was a compatibility “issue” with the 3 suggested plugins… nobody would say to >install them together.

    Right. Just checking…


    Yay! Thanks to you guys, our WP blogs are free of botnet termites. Of course, many thanks to the developers of those three plug-ins that I have installed… By the way, there was an article at CNET New.com about a Florida man being charged for zombie-attacking Akamai.


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