• Sends e-mail spam = 1 star.

    Have never had anything to do with the company behind this plugin and has not opted-in for any invites or newsletters = spam.

    Hi, your blog *******.se looks quality and interesting.

    I am CEO of AtContent, a platform which helps bloggers dramatically increase their audiences and drive more traffic to their blogs!

    It is free and super easy to use, and over 10,000 blogs are aleready on board.

    I personally invite you to join AtContent!

    To join, connect your blog to AtContent via WordPress plugin: wordpress.org/plugins/atcontent/

    What bloggers say about AtContent:

    Have a great day and see you on AtContent.

    [ email redacted ]

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    I get that you are unhappy getting spammed, but in the future please do not post the person’s name and email address. No need to have bots harvest more emails from these forums.

    Hi Mattias, it was actually a personal invite.

    It’s nothing personal about that email. “AtContent”, the company name is mentioned no less than 5 times, emphasizing with “CEO” more than one time.

    Considering that the site you refer to (my domain) is a temporary landing page makes this even more obvious.

    This is spam!

    There is nothing personal about that e-mail, I got the very same one.

    Guys, I invited bloggers I like. There is no reason to write super different invites – those are invites.
    If you don’t like my invite, then just reply to me via email.

    Bloggers you like? Heh.. Man, you spammed a 2013 event website (2013.russia.wordcamp.org) which has been pretty much static for over a year.

    Mattias, I’ve talked to other guys. Looks like it was a mistake from my side if you consider it as a spam, and I apologize for that. Not all things we try work well. I’d happy to follow your feedback and find a clear and better way to promote our plugin. Thanks again for your prompt feedback.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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