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  • so, i logged in one day and suddenly spam karma 2 had went basically haywire. i tried reinstalling the plugin and i’m still getting the same error, which is:

    Can’t fetch comments.
    Query: SELECT posts_table.post_title, spam_table.karma, as spam_id,spam_table.karma_cmts, comments_table.* FROM wp_comments AS comments_table, wp_posts AS posts_table LEFT JOIN wp_sk2_spams AS spam_table ON spam_table.comment_ID = comments_table.comment_ID WHERE comment_approved != ‘1’ AND posts_table.ID = comments_table.comment_post_ID ORDER BY comments_table.comment_date_gmt DESC LIMIT 30
    SQL error: Can’t open file: ‘wp_sk2_spams.MYI’. (errno: 145)

    i’m not sure why this is happening… or what file the wp_sk2_spams.MYI file is… can someone help?

    1) i have tried reinstalling
    2) i have the extra file that you were supposed to download after the upgrade to 2.0 installed as well

    so those aren’t the problems.

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  • happened to both me and a friend… nothing was changed whatsoever… hmmm…

    Have you checked with your hosts to see if they did anything – like an upgrade to something? An “errno” attached to a MySQL notation like that can sometimes be something you need to contact host support about….

    i have GoDaddy, you know what kind of support, or lack there of, they have…lol…

    but yeah, i tried and they didn’t know jack shit…

    i tried to go in and delete all the tables with sk2 and re-install… no luck…

    This looks like the same message I’ve received. This is how I “fixed” it, but there may be a better way. Phpmyadmin reported the table as “in use”, whatever that means, and it wouldn’t repair.

    I emptied only the table wp_sk2_spams (I used phpmyadmin: I don’t know the MySQL command line that correlates to). Note that the table wasn’t “dropped” or “deleted”, only “emptied”, which retained its structure.

    That seemed to fix the database error. Then, I went and ran all recent comments back through all SK2 plugins.

    As noted, this is a host issue / database issue, not a SK2 one.

    Anyway, if you can repair, do it as that’ll fix an error code of 145 99.9% of the time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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