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  • Kitten


    Spaminator now has an user interface, so that you can make configuration changes on the fly. If you completely screw things up, you can remove the config settings and go back to the hardwired defaults (which are pretty good, BTW).

    But the big news is:

    Kitten’s Regex Service

    If you’re confused by the regular expressions (regexes) needed to keep blocking the latest spam, help is only a click away!

    In the Spaminator config page click the “Get Regexs” button, and you’ll get the latest info from my site, that you can then copy & paste into the Spaminator’s regex boxes.

    In one click you’ll have the same settings that I use to protect my blog. But it’s dependant upon the settings of your webhost’s php install. So it might not work for you, if this is the case, you’ll get a message telling you where you can see the info.

    I hope this makes your spam fighting a little more tolerable.

    (You’ll need to be running a nightly later than Jan 5th to use this)

    Get it:

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  • RustIndy


    That’s it, just go and raise the bar for everyone! Sheesh! “Configuration page” – what’s next, automatic updates?!


    Excellent show, excellent 🙂

    But since I’m really a picky little bugger (probably I’m a jerk), preprocess_comment should actually be used in add_filter instead of add_action.

    Yes, I know they’re functionally identical (since “add_action” is just an alias for “add_filter”), but the WP source code shows it as being a filter. Sorry if it’s a really anal thing to notice 🙁



    I’m running 10th nightly build and the option page install button doesn’t work. Good show though, I’m going to using your option page idea for my stats plugin if you don’t mind.

    EDIT: More details. Click button, returns to the same page nothing is inserted into database.



    More details. Click button, returns to the same page nothing is inserted into database.
    Latests CVS same thing.. click on the button nothing happens



    Strange, I built the interface using a current CVS checkout. It’s using standard WP API calls to manage the options.

    Could you guys poke around in your database and look for 2 new entries in the options table?

    spaminator_status & spaminator_settings

    Look me up (MooKitty) on #wordpress later, and we can do some more troubleshooting.

    Just a thought, since I want the form to come back to the same page, and the plugin options pages use a GET, I’m using action="" in the form, so that might be a browser thing. I’ll have to generate the URL and see if that solves the problem.

    Sorry for the ugly hack.



    Now: 1.0rc6

    Installer bug fixed, was my fault. Lax QC, sorry for the trouble.



    I updated from 1.0rc4 and afterwards could no longer login. wp-login.php was a blank white screen. I put the old release back instead and could login without any trouble. I’m running 1.5-beta-1 2005-01-06. Any ideas?



    Yeah, most likely you got some white space in the file where you copied it out of the repository.

    The reason you’re not seeing errors is because your host has php set to not display error messages for increased security. Otherwise you’d probably be seeing “headers already sent” errors.

    I’ll make a .zip file release available later today, since you’re not the first to have this problem.



    Damn, as if I screwed the cut and paste up, lol. Thanks for the heads up.

    **Edit – Yep that was it, thanks again and thank you so much for the peice of mind that comes with this wonderful plugin



    Damn – I’d love to use this, but checkdnsrr isn’t available on a Winblows server 🙁 Any chance of a compatible version? 😀



    one little question – how does it really stop spam? do i have to add words or something like this somewhere or does it work by itself?!



    Ive updated to the latest and it seems fine to me




    You have to build up your words list, for that I have a plugin, Kitten’s Spam Words, that parses your spam and pulls out domains, IPs, & emails for easy insertion into your words list.

    Once you’ve deleted comments “as spam” you’re on your way to building up a custom word list.

    Everyone gets different spam, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, you have to build up your list as you go.



    What exactly is this error I get?

    Warning: Cannot modify header information…



    What file name is specified? One thing you could do is to delete the named file on your server and then upload a clean copy of that file. If that isn’t it, then usually there is a whitespace error, where there are spaces or line feeds before or after the opening and closing PHP tags: <?php ... ?>.

    Hope this helps.



    The only suggestion I would have is displaying version number in the admin panel with a link to the Spaminator home page. Even better would be a button to “Check for newer version” but I dont know how possible that is.

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