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  • I’ve just started getting a few of what appear to be spambot registrations at my blog. I’m almost certain this is what they are because as soon as they register, my Subscribe2 plugin daily digest notice sent to them bounces with a “user unknown” message.

    Has anyone heard of a captcha feature for blog registration or some other way to protect fr. bot registrations?

    I should add that I have SK2 & BB installed & they are successfully blocking comment spam–but not contact form & registration spam.

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  • You might find what you need, over here.. Good luck!


    I don’t see anything there that specifically deals w. preventing registrations by spambots which is my problem.

    Weeell, I might know of one, but it hasn’t been released yet, and not sure if I can actually share it. At the moment, I’m using it, and it’s still being “tested”..

    Description of it is: “Stop comment spam before it starts by trapping and blocking spambots before they have a chance to post comments.”

    I’ll see what I can do..

    /P.S. It’s working just great for me.. whee!

    No, not “comment spam,” but rather REGISTRATION spam. I have plenty of comment spam protection. It’s registration spam help I need.


    To be entirely honest, unless you want other people to register (say for author purposes) then I would turn off registration altogether.

    Most browsers “remember” details in forms so regular commenters won’t have to fill in details every time.

    I have always found Captchas a great way to put off potential visitors/registrants (but that’s an entirely different story!)

    UPDATE: I’ve just had a quick look through the codex and from what I can see there are no plugins (yet) for registration captchas or similar.


    Aditional spam preventing from friend of mine. It’s easy :

    Add another txt field in your form and hide it with CSS.
    Than check when posting if field is empty or not. If not…it’s almost a spam-bot.

    The method is so basic but usefull.

    Cornell_Finch: I need to retain the registration feature because I have a subscription plugin allowing people to subscribe to specific categories within my blog. The only way they can subscribe to them is by first registering. That’s the way this plugin is set up.




    if you have mod_security available, here is a nifty trick:

    this can be used on any page that has a form on it, and doesnt require you to “hack” any _core_ wordpress files, like alainS’ does.

    You add a text field in your theme file, make the change to your .htaccess and voila, good to go.

    This does what you are looking for. I had exactly the same problem.




    theres a plugin, that is much easier.

    Exilefromgroggs solution is much more what I need though it does require some hacking.

    Whooami’s solution won’t help me because it is reactive rather than proactive (as exilefromgroggs notes on his site). In other words, I don’t know in advance which e mail addresses or domains the spambots are going to come from. So blacklisting won’t help prevent my unknown registrants fr. registering. I need a plugin that will throw the spambot off during the registration process.

    Exilefromgroggs: have you tested yr plugin/hack & how is it working?

    so maybe you can hava a look at my tool.

    Sorry the website is only in german at this time but in the next few weeks i will translate it in english.

    No spam registrations at all since I did this.

    Oh yeah! 😀

    I agree. I don’t want a re-active solution. I want spam bots PREVENTED from registering. I’m not a programmer and can’;t hack up a solution. I’m hoping someone in the WP community can come up with a way to stop the bots from registering.

    Here is my litle Captcha check “hack” when registering:

    It is based on QuickCaptcha script:


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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