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  • I’m using Bad Behaviour 1.2.2 and spam still comes in by the hundreds. Yes, my bad behaviour 1.2.2 has been activated, and I get about 200+ 412 (precondition failed) reports daily. But I still get spam by the hundreds! I went to sleep about 3 hours ago, and I just woke up just now to find about 200+ spam comments awaiting moderation, and about 30+ spam comments that didn’t make it into moderation.

    (I think spam bots are taking over my bandwidth too..)

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  • Well, send me copies as specified in the FAQ.

    OK… I just turned on my verbose longging.

    Last time I had no spam, then out of a sudden they come by the hundreds!

    Does bad behavious still have a problem with pingback – trackback and return false positive? I’m using WPBayes and it works like a charm (you have to “teach” it first though)

    @error : I can’t find any of the spammer’s IP matching on PHPMyAdmin!!!

    I’m also using Bad Behaviour and was getting a lot of spam in recent weeks.. but then I installed SPAM KARMA 2.. and believe me when I say that it stops 99% of spam, dead.

    I haven’t received a single spam message/comment/post since I installed it. The only spam which is currently getting through is via my WP-CONTACTFORM plugin… but I plan to replace that soon in a site redesign.

    Trust me – just installed spam karma 2 and all your spam problems will vanish.. and just in case you think I’m advertising this product because I’m somehow involved with it, think again. My site is “Howl @ The Moon” and can be found at

    Check it out and you will see through recent posts I’ve made that Spam Karma really does do an amazing job.


    Spam Karma 2 is really good… although it can stop legitimate people from sending comments.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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