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Spam users profiles on WordPress.org support forums

  • Jamal Mohamed


    I’ve come across several profiles in this support forums. The users with these profiles didn’t contribute anything, but instead, their profiles host hundreds of spam links. Could some mod remove these useless profiles?

    I’ll provide the links of these profiles if needed.

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  • mrmist
    Forum Janitor


    Probably best to contact one of us either through the forums mailing list or privately about this, with a list of the people concerned. Linking them here would just increase the profile.

    Jamal Mohamed


    Linking them here would just increase the profile.

    That’s why I didn’t post them here 😉

    Flag their posts with ‘modlook’ and we’ll get to them. But. If you want to list the IDs here that would work too, y’know 😉 Not links, just ‘jamal’ etc 😉

    Generally if we catch ’em, we do remove the URLs, but they’re all no-follow so it’s not like it does them much good.

    carolyn heinz


    What’s going on with my website? I discovered that a couple of months ago, 450 Russian emails had “joined” my site. There is no reason it would be particularly interesting to Russians. They haven’t done anything, or contributed in any way. They are just THERE. Are they using my site somehow to send spam? I can’t figure it out.

    I’ve erased them all, but every few days another one or two shows up. I’m more curious than anything.

    Nothing is wrong, they’re just spammers. Look into Akismet, Cookies for Comments, Bad Behavior for plugins to help stop ’em. But also consider posting in your own topic next time, as your post was OFF this topic 🙂 we’re talking about spammers in THESE forums, not on sites running WP 😀

    Jamal Mohamed


    @ipstenu, here you go; the ID wrapped in <code></code> tags 🙂


    Looks like they’re all users who popped in via BuddyPress which … ugh. I don’t have access to whap.

    Yeah, there’s nothing we can do here :/

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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