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    WP version 3.6
    Job Manager version 0.7.25

    My client has had Job Manager installed for over a year and has been bombarded with spam the whole time. It started immediately after installing this plugin and has gradually increased until now he says he’s getting about 200 of them per day. I’ve tried the few fixes I could think of — enabled Captcha on the application form, enabled SpamAssassin with tighter controls on the server. Nothing has worked at all.

    I posted this issue a year ago and got no response, but I realize I forgot to include WP and JM version numbers. It’s getting worse all the time and he’s constantly emailing me and forwarding me “samples” of his spam messages so I’d really appreciate some help.

    On the upside, this plugin is good and works well, it does exactly what he wants it to so I’m very invested in getting the problem solved.

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Townsend


    Right off the start I can tell one of you issues is quite possibly due to your outdated version of WP Core, unless that’s a typo ? Current version is 4.4.1 that fixes many bugs ads enhancements and SECURITY FIXES, for which your current site running 3.6 is left wide open too from many other known and unknown exploits, that could be the actual cause of your SPAM.

    If your getting spam, which by the way you don’t post a link to the site so I cant help research this claim. If you posted it here why don’t you post a link to this post ? I have never observed any complaints of Spam being caused by this plugin. You sir would be the first. JM has close to 20K active installs and this is not a problem with this plugin.

    You are absolutely right about the WP version. This site was a freebie done for a friend who was having difficulty with his site a few years ago. We all know how that goes…. I hate to admit it but when you’re not getting paid for upgrades and their accompanying headaches, it’s easy to leave them on the back burner. I bit the bullet this weekend and upgraded him to 4.4.1 (with surprisingly few headaches actually, lesson learned).
    As for the link, I’m happy to send one but I try not to post public links to my sites when I can help it, for privacy reasons.
    Besides upgrading, I also activated Akismet and installed a plugin called WP-SpamShield which is supposed to stop form spam.

    Plugin Author Thomas Townsend


    Glad you were able to resolve your issue. You will find it difficult to garner much support on plugins thought if you can’t provide a URL to a site Plugin Authors to assist. Not sure what your security issue is…it’s a URL to a web site ???

    I was referring to personal privacy, not data security.

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