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  • I am having the same problem which is discussed in here
    This is what i have done :
    – i have backed up DB,exported wordpress file.
    – deleted everything from the root folder(theme,wordpress files,pictures)
    -manually installed wordpress to the folder again.
    -reinstalled the theme freshly downloaded
    It is still infected.If it is DB,where in DB.Can i do the query search for spammy text?
    1-I am puzzled,if i reinstalled the wordpress version,why does the timestamps are still looking old.
    2-How does it know to bring images in /uploads folder.I had deleted everything from the root folder.

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  • When i do the page source of my posts,i don’t see the hacked text.I see that when i am trying to share my post on FB.

    Do you have any plugins active? What theme are you using? Also, have you checked on any other computers or different browsers?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for willing to help.I am tired of this.
    My website is
    Only Akismet is active rightnow.I am using foodpress theme,i had purchased it from here a while back and downloaded again from here and reinstalled it
    -Only pictures which are showing post are from pics on photobucket.I was getting http error when uploading the pics and i had to resort to photobucket.i have not copied back the pics to /uploads folder from local
    -i emptied all cache and rebootd the system.i have checkd this in chrome and IE at my desktop and laptop(networked)
    -weird thing is i do not see the hacked code now when i do the page source(i was seeing that earlier),so where is it coming from?DB?

    I’m not really an expert by any means on this – but see if changing to the default WP theme changes it.

    Also, just to understand – when and where does the bad code show up – what do you do to share on FB?

    (Just so you know, I’m about to get off for a bit, but I’ll check back on this when I’m back online 🙂 )

    if i copy a link of my post from the URL and paste it in FB status bar,it pulls out the picture and short description of the post,i am trying to share, when i am about to post it.That short description in this case is spammy text and not the description from my post.i am puzzled to see that.

    Changing the theme doesn’t do anything..description is still spammy…thank you for helping me to figure this out.

    It seems that it may well be your DB – did you see this:

    Have you asked GoDaddy for help or do you (or they) have a DB back-up from before the hack?

    Or you could consider asking the Securi people for help – not free, but they are good.

    Thank you again..i am at my wits end..i have queried the db they have talked about in this post and it shows nothing of that sort..s

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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