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Spam Registration on WP Admin Panel

  • The website in which I am working with as an administrator has been infested with spam registration….

    We are receiving new registrations to access our admin but they are subscriber as a subscriber… Is this coming from the feedburner newsletter that has been rerouted to my admin as user or really spam trying to access the website’s admin?

    Can anyone, tell me how to determine where they are signing from or what page on the site they can sign up, like homepage? And If I wanted to register as a subscriber, how would I do it?

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  • catacaustic


    very awesome

    There’s standard scripts that allow users to register, and unless you’ve turned registration off in your admin area, these are stil laccessible even if they are “hidden”. SPAM bots know where ot find them, os they use that to register where ever they can.

    To turn off registrations, go to your admin area under ‘Settings -> General’ and un-tick the ‘Anyone can register’ box and save the settings. This will stop people from being able to register.

    One thing to remember is that people registering as subscribers can’t do anything more then read posts and leave comments. They can’t get into your admin area unless you’ve got some other vunerability, and if you did you’d see them starting ot show up as administrators. As an example, I have a blog that’s pretty much on auto-pilot now. I update it but that’s about all. It’s got (last time I checked) around 36,000 registeres “users”, and they are all SPAM accounts. Nothings happened to that blog because the SPAM bots comments are blocked and really that’s all that happens with it.

    Thank you Catacaustic…Can I also determine where these spams are coming from? or which part in my website they are registering? And If I wanted to register as a subscriber, how would I do it?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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