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  • XeroCool


    Ok. I dont use NO spam plugins but Im going to. Ive been getting everyday 3 comment spams with a fake name, url, and email. Their all just made up like

    and same wiht the text. The text is all mixed but Its bold and then it isnt. So in a comment, There always is something like:


    I want a plugin that will delete those kind of messages. I dont mind the name, and email, but those comments are not wanted. Their just spam bots, I want those comments that are spam to be deleted auto.

    Spam Karma might be good, but It might block good comments also. Same with other plugins. ANy recommendations or maybe hacks?

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  • shep


    the new spam karma has doesn’t automatically delete all comments marked as spam, so if one that isn’t gets marked as spam, you just tell it its not spam.



    Wait, Just noticed, Its trackback how do I stop it?



    I just started getting the exact same trackback spam today.

    I use Spam-Karma …. what’s trackback spam ?




    Trackback spam is just unwanted comments that got submitted via the Trackback system instead of the usual form post. WordPress doesn’t filter Trackback comments the same way as regular comments.

    You might want to hack the trackback-handling code to send all trackbacks to moderation, as a temporary fix. To do this, find the INSERT statement and change the approval value from 1 to 0. Not sure what file, though…



    podz, do you have the trackback (experimental) option checked?

    I noticed that these started coming in on a friend’s blog, but that option wasn’t checked. I went ahead and checked it for her, but just curious what your setup is. 🙂

    prissed – I just updated to the latest pre-alpha and I can’t see that option though I do recall it.
    I am currently being hit by trackback spams – about 1 a minute – but I only see them if I go to check SK2.



    One a minute! Geez! Send them to moderation or turn them off altogether. I’ll look into the code for you…

    skeltoac – SK is taking care of it all !

    It’s killing them on sight for me 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


    I use SpamKarma. 530 spam comments/trackbacks stopped so far and only one legitimate comment deleted (and recovered thanks to Spam Nuker).



    Oh yeah? When I get out of work (where I don’t have FTP access) I’ll give it a shot. What version are you using, podz?



    (laughing at own stupidity)
    Podz, your first reply on this thread said it all. I didn’t catch the wink. Duh.

    Moderator James Huff


    If you aren’t a brave and courageous soul willing to risk it all to stop spam, then use SpamKarma v1.20 (that’s what I’m using). If you are a brave and courageous soul willing to risk it all to stop spam, use the latest v2.0 alpha (pre-beta) release.



    if you are really a brave soul, and don’t get real comments at the moment, try out CG-AntiSpam (part of my CG-PowerPack) — it might not be quite up to snuff with SK2, but it has some nice tricks (and in combination with CG-Referrer, it does pretty well).


    A non plugin option would be to start with trackback moderation option turned on. That immediately prevents your users from getting spammed.

    Then if you notice a particular site repeatedly spamming, just add any identifier of the site (like portion of the url etc.) to the blacklist. That will nuke them from then on.

    BTW: What you are getting is a pattern of spamming I have noticed. First they try sending irrelevant or harmless looking spam. If you, by mistake, approve any of them, then very soon you will have a deluge of spam on your hands. Just delete them promptly by marking them as spam.

    PS. I wouldn’t say anything about SpamKarma (especially in light of the aggresive *loving* displayed above), said enough on this forum already (hint search) 😉

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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