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    Recently, got some strange spam orders on my site and couldn’t figure out the cause. Wonder if someone who have similar experience could help me out.

    The WooCommerce store has only one payment gateway enabled, which is “WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway”. The plugin has been working without issue.

    However, we received few spam orders in the last few days, all in “Pending payment” status. Spam orders have same user name (bbbbbb bbbbbb), address, phone, but different email address (of course).

    Spam user successfully registered user account on the website, and submitted 3 pending payment orders.

    We have checked WooCommerce settings but couldn’t figure out what could the be cause and how to stop it.

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    I am still getting this kind of orders, not that many but still coming in. But I don’t have spam user registration from this source any more.

    Why don’t you use the mentioned plugin ?

    I already explained which plugin to use to stop these spam orders that the champions failed to block with their update…

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    @catdec Happy New Year! Thank you so much for this recommendation. Sorry I missed it. Will try it now.

    I have these spam orders since November on many shops, then they stopped after I installed the great plugin.
    After woocommerce update I disabled the plugin, and since few days I have fake orders again, that the re-enabled plugin successfully stopped again.

    Same Problem – ORDER and USER are created I’m using WordPress version: 5.6 and WooCommerce Version 4.9.1, i has blocked create account during order

    User details are:
    bbbbb bbbbb, bbbbb, 74 Eastbourne Rd, ROBOROUGH, EX14 5HN, United Kingdom (UK)

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