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  1. AlvaroM
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello there,

    I've set up a blog that is updated to version 2.6, that has got the /wp-admin folder protected with .htaccess & .htpasswd, and that has no ID=1 user.

    I've taken all this security measures since my blog has been exploited once (I suppose): I received spam comments that not appear in my Dashboard, so I should use phpMyAdmin directly to delete them.

    Unfortunately, despite of all this security measures, I still I'm receiving spam comment not appearing in my Dashboard... how can I find a fix for this? Akismet is also activated...

    Thanks in advance.

    (NOTE: I've try to solve the problem by searching both the Internet and this forum, but I've found no valid fix... maybe I'm trying with wrong keywords.)

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