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  • Woocommerce wants to force you to swallow that pill.
    No I don’t want Jetpack
    No I don’t want to have to do ANYTHING with NOTHING Nada ZILCH
    No I don’t want annoying advertising inside my WordPress Dash

    Stop Spamming and your aggressive behavior to WordPress users.

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Contributor Stef (a11n)


    Hi @mastix,

    WooCommerce is nudging you to install and activate Jetpack because of some of its functionalities that need a Jetpack connection to work fully.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about it: WooCommerce will keep asking you to install Jetpack because it needs it.

    We have options to minimise the impact that Jetpack might have on your site, so if you have any more questions about that at all, we’ll be happy to answer them all by reaching us at

    Thread Starter Cristian


    Woocommerce should not need any external plugin to work correctly. And much less share data with which I don’t want to.
    If they need Jetpack they should buy it out or integrate it, but forcing users with aggressive behavior is out of line.
    I think more and more users are noticing this so no wonder the poor rating you have as people are fed up with this pushy policies.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Woocommerce is made by Automattic. Which is the same company that makes wordpress com. Which is the same company that makes Jetpack.

    So your suggestion of them “buying it out” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because they are the same company.

    Jetpack is how individual WordPress sites connect to It contains a whole lot of functionality to connect that site. There isn’t really any changing this because that’s sort of the point of it. If you don’t like it, I Can only suggest that you not use Woocommerce either. Because that ain’t gonna change.

    Thread Starter Cristian


    I don’t care an iota if they are the same company. Coca-Cola has hundreds of products, and that does not mean I have to consume all the one they made or have under their umbrella. Maybe that’s your thing. Go ahead.

    I also don’t care abut I use WP on my hosting site and as far as I know I have not lost anything roaming there. But if that’s your choice, I wish you a great journey in Just don’t assume that all people here are going to follow that strategy.

    And I would be glad if you in your magnanimity let me choose if I want to continue with WooCommerce without the need of Jetpack or

    Have a nice day.

    Plugin Support MadHatter (a11n)



    I just wanted to chime in here to let you know why WooCommerce needs Jetpack for some features.

    Jetpack is basically a bridge between your site and the servers of The servers are used in this way so that all the data crunching and power behind those features can be done quickly and efficiently rather than making your site (and your hosting server) do all of the work.

    For an example, there are several WooCommerce features that exist that use this bridge to in order to quickly serve information about products, orders, customers, etc. in a way that is much, much faster than running it from your own server’s database every single time.

    As Stef mentioned, the notices are there because some of the features from WooCommerce you’ve decided to use require that Jetpack connection in order to work properly and efficiently.

    I realize that this path may not be the best for you and your site, and you are definitely welcome to find a better solution for your ecommerce needs – I just wanted to make sure and explain exactly why this Jetpack requirement exists and why you are seeing these notices.

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