Spam Mgmt. Flaw, or plain Stupid? (1 post)

  1. Gunther
    Posted 8 years ago #

    The discussion below applies to 2.2 and previous 2.x versions of WordPress used without a spam plug-in.

    I have my comments set for moderation - nothing gets posted unless I approve the comment. However, my database, to my surprise contained over 1,200 Spam comments that I had never seen.

    On inspection, I noticed that WordPress keeps everything in the database - all the porn and all the levitra comments you did not want in your blog or database are right there in your tables.

    WP stores the comments you allowed with a "1". It keeps the comments you refused with a "0" - yes, it stores the comments you refused! Brilliant! It also stores thousands of unwanted and unseen comments as "Spam" - in my case my guess is because I had configured WordPress to catch blacklisted strings.

    Why does WP store spam? Why does it store comments that have been refused from moderation?

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