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    I’ve recently upgraded my blog from WP 1.5 to 2.03. I installed Bad Behavior 1.2.4 and Spam Karma 2.2 r3 along with it.

    I’m finding that Spam Karma is overly ravenous, even when in the “Lovey Dovey” setitng. Every single user comment is being put into the moderation queue, even with most of the SK settings weakened.

    When I first upgraded, I had the “Options >> Discussion >> Comment author must have a previously approved comment” box checked. I’ve since unchecked it, but the site (and SK2) is treating comments as if the box were still checked. (the “An administrator must approve the comment” box is unchecked, btw)

    Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone think of anything I’m doing wrong? I’ve already tried deactivating and reactivating SK2 since making the change in the “previously approved comment” setting.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Have you checked the WP built-in comment moderation features? Maybe you have always-moderate enabled there…


    Thanks for the reply, David, but no, comment moderation is not in effect.

    It looks like I submitted this message one day too soon — by dialing down the Spam Karma settings, I’ve been able to get it to approve regular users and still stop spam.

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