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  • Good evening everyone. I have been using Spam Karma for 4 or 5 months, and have never had an issue. It has always done a perfect job.

    However, over the last week it is catching EVERY SINGLE comment. It’s even catching people that have commented tons of times before. I have not made any changed to the Spam Karma Settings or the Plug-In itself.

    I have deactivated it and reinstalled the plug-in, and it has not worked.

    I have even searched this board and found something about clearning the logs, and did that, and it is still catching EVERY comment.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? I deactivated it for a day, and got tons of Spam, so I have reactivated it, but I am having to approve every comment.

    Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated or even if there is another plug-in I can use?

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  • Have you tried the Bad Behavior plugin? That one was recommended to me, I have that one and SK2 both.
    I haven’t had any problems – that I’m aware of, but I’m a new blog so I don’t anticipate a lot of comments at the moment.

    I have not heard of the Bad Behavior Plug-In. I shall check it out.

    Hope it helps, at least until you get the SK2 problem figured out. 🙂

    Oh, um, DUH. Did you find it or do you need a link?
    (Silly me for not putting it in there in the first place!)

    For legit comments caught as spam, when you mouse over the Karma score, it should popup a detailed list of what plugins tagged the comment and with what score. Do you see any particular rule that is causing the bad karma score?

    Also have you installed any extra plugins recently for SK2?

    I use bad behavior along with SK2 as well – its a good combo.

    The bad part is I don’t see any rule that is making the comments all be caught. I guess if I don’t figure this out I’m going to have to use Bad Behavior and hope it works as well as Spam Karma 2.

    Are you sure its SK2 catching the comments? Do you have entries under ‘Recent Spam Harvest’? If not, then it may be something else nixing the comments. If there are entries there, what kind of karma scores are the comments getting? When you mouseover the karma score – do you get anything popping up? What do the SK2 logs say? They’ll show if comments are even being processed.

    I had a problem with another plugin wiping out comments on me – SK2 would show them accepted but then they go poof. So what other plugins are you running?

    As for Bad Behavior – its great and blocks a lot, but I still get a fair number of spams that reach SK2 and get killed there, so I doubt using just BB will do it for you.

    SK2 catches all the comments. I am having to go in and actually moderate every comment. The comments are making it to SK2 though. The scored are all -16. I have even changed the setting to “lovey dovey” and it still catches everyting. Plus, when I mouse over the score, it doens’t give me any type of pop-up or anything.

    Oh I think I figured it out. I was reading the documentation for Spam Karma and my comments.php file was missing the “<?php do_action(â€?comment_formâ€?); ?> ” section. So I added it, and it seems to be working. I guess I”ll figure out if it is by the comments in the future.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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