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  • Excellent work, drdave, as always. What are your suggestions regarding the use of SK1.5 in concert with other spam tools? Good enough to stand on its own? Conflicts? Works happily with the others?
    Thanks for your contributions!

    Thanks moose…
    Well, no real reason it wouldn’t really play nice with others. But there’s really no point using it with any other Plug-ins. Actually, using certain plugins could weaken it, in that even if SK silently moderates or deletes a spam, it is still possible for another plugin to unmoderate it or pester the admin with notification email…
    One of the goal of SK is to be as exhaustive as possible. As such, I know no efficient trick at the moment that is not already incorporated (there might be, but I haven’t seen them)…
    Overall, I’d recommend turning off any other spam plugin you have, unless you know it works in a notably different way. I would even go further and recommend turning off the “Use WP Discussions” checkbox in SK Options (it tells the plugin to completely ignore WP’s diagnostic based on the ‘spam words’ list and number of links) as WP’s built-in checks are either redundant with SK (number of links) or likely to create many false positives (spam words).

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    drdave: Thanks to you and the others for creating Spam Karma. I haven’t gotten spammed, but if I jinxed myself just now, I sure hope SK does its job. 🙂
    No other anti-spam plugins will be installed, per your suggestion. *crosses fingers*
    – Bryan

    awesome plug-in. I was on the verge of just turning comment off (as i don’t get any anyway), but now I don’t have to.

    I got SpamKarma installed and almost working.
    I posted messaegs until I had one flagged as spam, and it gave me the verification screen. However, the graphic had no letters or numbers in it. There was also no email link, either.

    I just upgraded to Wp 1.5. Now some of the plugins are reporting that the database is of the wrong type.

    Reported by Spam Karma:

    Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/opinions/public_html/wp-content/plugins/spam-karma.php on line 103

    Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/opinions/public_html/wp-content/plugins/spam-karma.php on line 103

    Spell Checker has the same problem, but I deactivated it as the errors fill over half the screen.

    Appreciate any help to get this resolved.

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    Did you turn off your plugins before updating?

    Spam Karma works perfectly with my 1.5 installation. It’s caught 50 spam comments since I’ve installed it last night.

    Just installed it like 30 min ago, and it works great. 5 filtered spam messages already, and just to make sure I looked at all the comments and the diagnosis was 100% correct 🙂

    What are the advantages of using a spam plugin in conjunction with the new spam zapping features included in WordPress 1.5?

    I installed it two hours ago, and it’s caught 51 spam comments already. Hurrah!




    trendsurfer — think of each one as a net…. or like cheese cloth ….. a single sheet byitself may still let things through. But add more layers to it, and the holes get smaller, letting less and less through. Sometimes something will get missed by one filter, only to be picked up by another.

    It’s just another way to help filter out the bad stuff


    Thanks TG, I’m going to give 1.5 a try for a while to see how well it functions against Spam using the included features. I’ll add the cheese cloth later if needed. 🙂

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