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  • Hello,

    I seem to have gotten on some spam list and am getting 5-10 spam comments a day. Does anyone know how to block this?


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  • Here’s the basics:

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    On top of what Rev Voodoo offers in his post, check out the spam destroyer plugin.

    it also works very well.

    I am deleting at least 40 a day and getting really miffed about it. I have my comments set to only publish when being approved previously, so most of the spam does not end up on my blog, but it is becoming a real drag to daily have to delete dozens and dozens. I would think there should be a way to once somebody has been marked as spam once, to be cut out for the future. The same ones keep coming over and over again though. Famous are Burberry handbags, (spelling?), example hereafter.
    Having said that, I will check out the above links by Voodoo and Christine. Why is spam not taken more seriously by the blog providers? I am loosing the will to live over this whole thing…


    There is a comment on “A stack of books” awaiting approval.

    [Spam example removed. Please do not re-post spam here.]



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    Why is spam not taken more seriously by the blog providers?

    This is YOUR site. It is YOUR responsibility to control & moderate your incoming comments. There are plenty of plugins you can use to help with this.

    Excuse me???? I KNOW it is my site, and I am trying to put an end to it or manage it better. That is why I daily delete for an hour or mark as spam, hoping that on the programming level, the marked as spam comments will not come back. The fact that I ask advice on the forum should be a sign that I am taking responsibility… The problem is that not all of us are smart enough to use code or fiddle with terminal… I also see that my example of spam has been removed. Truly funny. I ask for help and post an example, so I can make clear what spam I am talking about, and it gets removed…
    Anyway, I did look up the above links (spam-destroyer and basics link) and I am trying to work this out. Askimet obviously does not work sufficiently for me.
    It is so easy to just turn the question back to the asker meaning that we don’t take enough responsibility…



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    What ant-spam plugins have you installed?

    I ask for help and post an example, so I can make clear what spam I am talking about, and it gets removed

    We get enough spam on the forums without people posting more spam – including links. All of this kind of “sample spam” is removed on sight – for fairly obvious reasons. We don’t need to know what’s in the spam.

    The cookies for comments plugin I mention in my article really does do wonders – as the majority of spam is automated spambot stuff

    I have installed the cookie for comment plugin now, and will monitor it for the rest of the day. I am hoping that this will end all the hand bag garbage…
    Thanks for the tips and hints, I am hopeful that it will work from now on.

    There is heavy artillery that can go further… but quite honestly, Akismet + CFC has gotten me down to maybe 5 spam a month

    I agree. After experimenting with several combinations, Akismet and Cookies for Comments is the sweet spot for me. They block 99.9% of spam and only snag a handful of false positives per month.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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