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  • Also on 3.6.1

    Ive updated to the latest version and still about 200 SPAM comments per day are getting through, these are definitely not manual comments being made.

    I am experiencing the same thing on WP 3.6 on my other sites with all the latest version of GASP with various different themes and frameworks.

    I must say this plugin works great when it is working. For about 6 months everything was lock-tight, until one day it quit working.

    I even wrote a blog post about how much I love it and how well it filters SPAM.

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  • I think the issue posted earlier
    is still not resolved.

    GASP is not stopping spam for a month already. Yes, it did decreased after last GASP update, but I was forced to switch back to Akismet on my blogs.

    I have blogs with different WP versions(3.4.2, 3.6.1), all with latest GASP (1.5.2), but all of them are spammed.

    Andy, let me know what details do you need to fix it.

    I agree that a new thread is needed because it’s still not working to block spam after the most recent release.

    All cache plugins have been cleared and secret key is active.

    What now? Thanks.

    Plugin Author Andy Bailey


    I think perhaps there maybe a vulnerability if you’re getting 200 spam a day because GASP only allows 3 comments in moderation so if the comments are being submitted normally it wont allow 200 in one day from the same person.

    I recommend that you do a security check on your sites

    I’ve been running it on one of my high visibility sites that used to get a huge amount of spam and it has dropped that down dramatically. That site has no extra plugins and is working on a default theme after a timthumb vulnerability was found on the premium theme it was using

    I checked smaller website with default (Twenty Twelve) WP theme and all spam submitted by robots as I couldn’t find any of their IPs in my stat analytics.
    Before August I wasn’t using Akismet on that site and GASP was doing excellent job, but not any more.

    I’ll try to turn off all other plugins. I am not not using many on this site, but just in case.

    Plugin Author Andy Bailey


    hmm ok.. perhaps I can add some stuff to the plugin to log some things like referrer and time of comment etc so I can see how this is happening..

    it certainly feels like a vulnerability in wordpress if so many people are suddenly reporting the same problem at the same time

    leave it with me and I’ll see what I can add to the plugin

    Yep, unfortunately since the last update spam has resumed again. Some of it seems bot like as well with insane text or just characters.

    Plugin Author Andy Bailey


    have you tried setting GASP to deny the comment instead of send it to moderation?

    I don’t see that option anywhere Andy. Closest I can find is “Where to send suspicious comments?”

    Plugin Author Andy Bailey


    yes that is the one. use the drop down box to select ‘spam’ and save settings so suspicious comments are sent to spam and you don’t have to moderate them

    Thanks Andy.

    TOday I’ve had several SPAM comments come through on my “About Me” page and “blogs” page:


    Is this a bug? The result of the new WordPress release? Something else?


    PS: as a follow up to my previous comment, the spam doesn’t seem to be coming through on blog “posts”, only “pages”.

    At least, not yet.

    Looks like there’s hard coded version numbers in the code. Or bug? 🙂

    I’m using WordPress 3.7.1.

    On my plugin page is says it’s using GASP “Version 1.5.4 “. However, when I click on “settings” for the plugin it says, “Version 1.5.2 GASP has caught this many bot comments : 0”

    I’ve never had a version of GASP prior to 1.5.4, so don’t know why it would say version 1.5.2?

    I was gonna try this plugin but why should I. After reading these problems , who needs them. I was using Block Spam By Math Reloaded, and will continue. All the junk goes to the spam folder. WP Optimize clears the spam folder weekly.

    Andy, spam’s flying in again mate.

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