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  • I am running 2.0.7 and Akismet and in the past 2 days, lots of spam is getting through Akismet. Seems like some spammers have figured some ways around this nifty plugin. Anyone else noticing this?

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  • Look around the forums – posts like your are all the rage.
    I haven’t seen a solution yet, but installing Bad Behavior and Spam Karma2 sure works for everyone that has them.
    I’m also suspecting a lot of folks are not uploading/overwriting their wp-contents folder because of hacks, mods, etc. and still have older versions of Akismet.

    Ah! Samboll, this probably explains why my Akismet has not updated to it’s new version, albeit I have WordPress 2.1!

    I haven’t tried BB. I use SK2 on some sites, but I also have other sites on MySQL 3.2.3 and SK2 has problems with that. I really like the transparency of Akismet, and I’m sure a new version that overcomes this latest crack will come out soon enough (assuming the version bundled with WP 2.1 doesn’t deal with this problem already).

    samboll’s suggestion of installing Bad Behavior and Spam Karma2 is the way to go. Especially since there is an Akismet plugin for Spam Karma2 so you can set it up to run all 3.

    The thought that the newer Akismet plugin will solve the problem is incorrect. The spam detection has not been improved in the new version. Only it’s integration into WordPress has been changed.

    Thanks golddave! I guess it’s too much to ask for 1 do-it-all spam plugin.

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    Bad Behavior + Akismet catches most everything.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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