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  • One option would be to use WPBlacklist ( and enable auto-deletion of comments marked as spam and enable the spam info harvesting option as well. I’ve found this to work pretty well on my site since most of the poker stuff gets held anyway since it’s already in the blacklist and if the same guy comes back with something else later, his IP has been harvested and added to the blacklist and so he gets stopped again even if he used a different URL/comment. But then again, I’m biased when it comes to WPBlacklist :p

    I’ll try this one. The correct URI is:

    But I think there is a hole somewhere where this bastard can keep on injecting these spam.

    Nope, the WPBlacklist 1.22 is an older version … the correct URL for 2.6 is
    As for people keeping on injecting spam, I don’t know what you mean by “injecting” – do you mean that he gets through the blacklists/moderation or just that he keeps on posting spam?

    The same turd is currently comment spamming me also.

    That same git has started on me today, I’ve quickly added MooKitty’s kitten’s spam words plugin and it’s now catching all his posts and putting them in the approval queue.
    Of course that means there are a lot of comments to delete building up ๐Ÿ™ Maybe I’ll give one of the other plugins a go too.
    I’ve just had a thought though……
    Does anyone know if there is away to have an “auto-delete unapproved comments after X days”?
    That way I could use spam assassin to delete the approval-request emails of the usual suspects whilst giving me a chance to check-out anything new. For example, if I don’t approve a comment (cos I deleted the approval request email before it even left my mail server) after 10 days it gets deleted automatically.
    It’s a bit of a sideways way of doing things I guess, but just an idea.

    The problem with this f**ktard is not that he posts spam. I have filters so that his posts never get posted. The problem is that there is no way to block the url and his address from being allowed to [post in the first place. Is there any remedy to this? Anyway to block a persoans email or url so that they cannot post? Grrrr He has been hitting me all week..

    Just learned that adding an extra “preview” screen wasn’t enough against pokerspam.
    I didn’t install the WPBlacklist thing, just added the url he or she is advertising to the “comment moderation” box, but as TimothyB points out รขโ‚ฌโ€œ A way to block this person from posting in the first place would be sweet.

    My guess is that this guy is going after a variety of people in the WordPress community. I started by deleting his comments. Now I’ve “unapproved” two of them. What exactly does “unapprove” do? Anything besides hiding the comment from readers? I’m thinking about installing Blacklist tonight.

    A way to block this person from posting in the first place would be sweet.

    I’m also having the same problem with posts from this spammer. If anyone knows how I can block this guy, I would greatly appreciate it.
    The idea is that this poker guy is hitting ‘wp-comments-post.php’ directly and just using a counter to increment the post id. In my case it started at id#1, 2 etc. I have almost 1000 posts so I was in a hurry to stop it. As instructed in the above thread I changed the name of ‘wp-comments-post.php’ to something else and also changed the reference to it in index.php to match. As an extra precaution I removed the line of code for comments in index.php too. This stopped it but I don’t know which worked. When I have time I plan on looking at some of the other things mentioned here. I’m new to WP, moved from Blogger a week ago. So far I love it a lot! Thanks for all the hard work everyone is doing. A great bunch of people here.

    The spammer is not using a proper browser, so one way to block him is to set a cookie on the front page of the blog, and then to check for the existence of the cookie in wp-comments-post.php
    This actually works.

    Yes i have been having trouble with this too. The problem is that he’s using multiple IP’s (which BBclone, my stats tracker, confirms) so the automated blacklisting won’t quite work on him.
    So far the idea of changing the wp-post-comments.php file name seems to be working. I am however pretty pissed off about this so i am wondering if there is a way to put something in my .htaccess file or something that when the bot tries to access wp-post-comments.php that it will get a nice long delay followed by a ‘friendly’ message in case an actual human reads it.

    One thing is that this spambot is sophisticated enough to get past a post preview capability that I have built-in to my blog.

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