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  • I’m using Akismet (which is brilliant btw) to block spam and it usually works very well. But I’ve noticed the last few days that spam comments on photos (attachments) in my photo galleries are getting through.

    Just wanted to check if anybody else has experienced this or knows why this is happening – is Akismet not covering attachments as well as blog posts?

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  • Hey Hannes, I’ve been experiencing the same thing — have you found a solution to this?

    Consider this a ^bump^

    No, I haven’t found a solution yet. It’s not a lot of spam that gets through but the last few months there have been a handful of spam comments each month that slip through. Which is strange, compared to close to 0 “Missed spam” the last few years.

    But in December so far I’ve got 0 “Missed spam”, so that’s good – maybe the Akismet team has managed to stop these few that got away 🙂

    You should send this information to Akismet support – – after having marked the missed items as spam.

    Yeah, if this happens again I’ll send it to Akismet support. I always mark these missed items as spam, so maybe it’s helping them and that’s why I haven’t seen any spam comments this month 🙂

    I’ve gotten several spam comments (mainly on photos/attachments) the last few days. Should I forward them to or is it enough to flag them as spam?

    Always flag them as spam, that will send data back to so that the system can learn from them. If they persist send the details of one or two to and we’ll be happy to take a closer, individual look.

    OK, cool. Done and done 🙂

    I’m also experiencing this lately specifically with attachments. Many of the posts say

    “hella, i am a large enthusiast of your post. the way you describe this is definitely interesting “

    Hoping Akismet learns quickly on this one, almost 100 spam comments like this in 2 days getting past the filter.


    A few things to do:

    – make sure to mark them as ‘Not Spam’, that sends details back to
    – disable any other anti-spam plugins, some of these disrupt the Akismet comment check process
    – make sure your Akismet API calls are sending correct data:

    If you are still seeing issues after that send details to Akismet support and we’ll dig into it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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