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  • Hey guys, didn’t know where else to post this but….

    I’ve been getting literally hundreds of spam articles written daily on my website. It’s very annoying, since I have to go through each article they have written and delete it manually. Not to mention, a blog with a bunch of spam posts probably doesn’t look good in the eyes of Google.

    How are they doing this? I’ve installed capabilities manager with no success as well as several other anti-spam plugins. Additionally, how can I stop them? Am I going to have to hire a wordpress expert to come to my house and block the spammers?

    Keep in mind, I AM TALKING ABOUT SPAM BOTS ACTUALLY WRITING ARTICLES ON MY SITE AND PUBLISHING THEM. I am not talking about commenting on my blog, I have a pretty good handle on that.

    This has been going on for a while and I would love to get it stopped no matter what it takes so any feedback is appreciated!!!!

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  • A post must have an author, and that author must be logged for doing that. So start to think if your user has been compromised.

    At the same time you can set your site as non friendly for searching engine, so while you fix the problems you have no worried about such spam posts.

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