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  • When I am logged in as admin and try to reply to a comment, I get a message in red that says ‘Spam Bot Detected’ and I can’t reply. If I log out, I can reply so it only seems to happen when I’m logged in.

    I have no spam blocker plugins installed other than Akismet. I’ve tried disabling all the plugins and it didn’t make any difference. I also tried changing the admin email to a different email address and I still got the same error.

    Does anyone have advice on something else that I could try or point me in the right direction as to what could be causing this?


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  • Try temporarily disabling Akismet just to confirm whether or not that is the source of your problem.

    I tried that when I disabled all the plugins. I also only disabled Akismet and the problem still happened.


    Can you post a screen shot of the error somewhere? I’d like to see if it is really an error message from WordPress or something else.

    Can you also try logging in on someone else’s computer to see if the problem exists there?

    I have not personally tried from a different computer but two other staff members who work for jovial foods receive the same error when they try to reply to comments. They are in different locations at different computers – they originally brought the issue to my attention.

    Here is the screenshot of the error from the quick reply screen in the comments area.

    I know you said you’re not using any other spam blockers other than Akismet, but is there any chance you are using the BotBlocker plugin?

    I found this thread that mentions the same problem.

    If BotBlocker isn’t the problem, then I’d scan all the files in your installation for the phrase “Spam bot detected.” to see what file contains that error message, and that should help determine where it’s coming from. Once you know where it’s coming from it would be a lot easier to look for a solution.

    I had seen that about Bot Blocker but it wasn’t installed.

    Your idea to scan all files for that phrase, however, was brilliant. There was a function, that I don’t quite understand, that had the phrase in it and was related to validating comments.

    function jovial_honeypot_comments_validate

    I don’t know enough about it to understand how it exactly works and why is suddenly started causing a problem but removing the function has fixed the problem. My best guess is installing Akismet conflicted in some way because that seems to be about when the problem started and even deactivating Akismet didn’t correct it. Or maybe the function didn’t like the WordPress update. At any rate, the function wasn’t dealing with spam properly and removing it has corrected this issue.

    Thanks so much for thinking through this with me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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