• my site has suddenly been hit ( hundreds of comments ) by spam the past two days. it all looks like it comes from the same source = all comments are gobbly-d-gook ( xejejec.com, rztmblt@mrotgmg.net ) the attacks are coming from mostly 10 posts.

    any idea where i should look for culprit(s)

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  • This week alone I’ve had OVER 5000 posts to my site, the majority are porn. How can I quickly delete (unapprove) and then add something to prevent this in the future. A friend mentioned requiring an image confirmation when someone registers, but I couldn’t find anywhere to do that. (I’m not a techie…but have access to several) Any help would be appreciated!

    Why not use askimet that is included with wordpress.

    Use manual moderation. Akismet is not going to stop all spam posts.

    No but it will stop alot and if it’s used with another spam plugin such as spam karma or bad behavior then most of the spam will never even make it to askimet.

    after reading the link jeremy gave us i have edited my discussion options as follows to see what happens.

    1) i had a ton of ip addresses and words in the blacklist. i have taken all the words out and put them in the moderation panel.

    2) only ip addresses in blacklist for now.

    going to hold off on plugins for awhile.

    i did try the htaccess last january when my site was hacked for the third time but that was too restrictive. i have added sabre several months ago to gatekeep registration and that has helped a lot. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sabre/

    it seems i am repeating myself for emphasis…the biggest pain at the moment are comments where the email address, url, and comments are only random letter/number comments that are coming in on select older posts = impossible to put in blacklist/moderation box but when in the mood i paste the ip address in the blacklist. not sure how to jury-rig this issue.

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