• kazuyayuza


    Forced to subscribe to their mailing, so that you get bombarded with fake alerts that your website is “unsafe”, so they can sell you some kind of paid subscription.
    Not a single part (at least nothing useful) of this plugin is actually free. Big crap.

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  • Plugin Author akshatc


    If we are signalling that your site is hacked, then we are > 90% sure that it is hacked. We consitently find malware missed by others. If you can share the URL of your site, we can further confirm the same.

    Most of the protection we provide is part of the free plugin itself. We have an extremely powerful firewall which protects you from significant types of attacks. We do not make you do manual work as we do all the setup automatically. We do this based on our learnings for 150,000+ sites. We like to keep things simple for our users unlike other plugins.

    Further, we will scan your site everyday for free and alert you if you ever get hacked. Being aware of hacks early is one of the most powerful defences against malware.

    Yes they did this to me as well. When I raised a stink about it (they refused to tell me where the infected files were of course) they came back to me and said they were “false positives”. Scam. Total scam.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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