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    In my WP website I have contact form that in the last month I get a lot of
    spam mainly from google bots although i have 2 honeypots(and chapctca 3 also) in my contact.

    In the last week its become much worse, with 15 spams in one day, what can I do?

    This is the honeypots in my code:

    [honeypot email id:phone]
    [honeypot lastname]

    What can i do?

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  • Here the same. PlugIn doesn’t work properly. Since it is installed (7 weeks ago) no mail has been filtered.

    Plugin Author Ryan


    Hi guys, I recommend first updating to the latest version 2.1 release. It has some additional features for better spam bot stopping.

    Additionally, make sure you install the Flamingo plugin, so you can view what is getting stopped by this plugin. Once Flamingo is installed, visit the Honeypot settings page under the “Contact” admin menu in the WordPress backend. Be sure to check “Store Honeypot Value” and “Enable Time Check”.

    You will then be able to view the spam submissions under the spam tab in the Flamingo->Inbound Messages area of the admin.



    Bots can easily identify hidden fields, I’ve added multiple honeypot fields to my forms, yet literally it hasn’t stopped a single spam.

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @joec002 – I run the plugin on several of my own sites and the plugin stops spam on all of them – I monitor them with Flamingo installed and store the HP value. Both the honeypot and the new time check feature both stop bot spam. I agree, it wouldn’t be terribly hard for a smart bot to detect most/all of the honeypot methods of stopping spam, and in those cases, a stronger solution would be needed (ReCaptcha, adaptive blacklisting, etc.), but the plugin definitely does stop spam (all of it in my admittedly light use cases, YMMV, of course).

    Plugin Author Ryan


    Closing due to inactivity. If this is still a problem, please open a new issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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