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  • I’m still in the process of analysing all this…but I’ve been watching a current spam run from the poker lot, and I’ve seen a lot of people focusing on the ‘”online” or “poker” keywords. but this may help…

    95+% of the current run is pointing at a server in China. Don’t bother contemplating emailing them as it’s a known spam server, and that includes email spam. Most of the run I’m seeing is pointing towards a site called “terashells” [dotcom]. All of the poker, drug rubbish is sitting off subdomains of that.

    If you just put terashells into your moderation keys everything get’s moderated from these guys. They could try and spam you with poker, drugs, or bicycles for one legged albinos and it all get’s moderated.

    It’s a bigger pain for them to keep buying domains than for you to put in these domain names.

    Sorry for another spam post. I’m looking into solutions and trying to think about how to get this information out to people. But hopefully it might help someone..

    BTW Spaminator will chew them to pieces if you’re also using that 🙂

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  • my spam came from tigerspice dot com so I’ve blacklisted that one

    Interesting, I’ll watch for that one.

    It’s fair to note for anybody that’s new to this, that’s you’re on a losing streak if you block where it’s coming from. They have too many IP addresses for you to do that. It’s where it’s pointing at, and they’ll normally put this information in as their site URL or as part of the comment.

    If you point terashells and tigerspice in your moderation ketys then those two domains are useless as far as the WP community is concenred. They’re going to have to use a different domain name – which they’ll have to buy and set-up, but that’s a greater pain for them to do than for me to drop one word into moderation keys.

    Also add the following:
    psxtreme dot com
    freakycheats dot com
    yelucie dot com
    za dot pl
    friko dot pl
    php5 dot sk
    magazines4cheap dot com

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