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  • I’ve updated my recaptcha following this: and now my form is being spammed lots when it wasn’t before. Is the Recaptcha v3 integration not working? It wasn’t being spammed at all under v2. Or have I done something wrong?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Lots of people are complaining about this. See these links:

    Some of gone back to the previous version of Contact Form 7 which uses the older V2 reCaptcha. I am trying the Contact Form 7 Honey Pot addon to see if that will work.

    Same here. I updated to Contact Form 7 vs 5.1 and Google reCaptcha v3. Constant spam.

    Same here. A lot of spam messages with version 3 whereas I got none with version 2.

    I have the same problem, and the honeypot is not helping. Never had this problem with reCaptcha v2. Plus, I dislike how the reCaptcha badge appears on every page of the site, not just the contact form page.

    Me 18, and even though I went back to v2, spam still happening. Seems recaptcha as a WHOLE, has been compromised?

    Delete ReCAPTCHA config from Contact Form 7 and download this plugin:

    Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha

    Go back to Google ReCAPTCHA delete your Version 3 key (if you obtained one) and get your Version 2 site key and secret key. Back on your site, go to the Settings of the new plugin and add those keys.

    Then where you used to use [recaptcha] short code, use this for the new plugin [anr_nocaptcha g-recaptcha-response]

    Problem solved.

    So @webteamffcu, your implying Contact7 had broke Recaptcha?

    Thank you @webteamffcu!
    Your solution works fine and the plugin and shortcode is compatible with contact form 7.
    This is a good temporary solution until the problem is solved by contact form 7. You do not have to change your contact form 7. Saved me a lot of work because all my customers have received a lot of spam.

    The developer did not break the plugin. He made a choice that if a visitor has Javascript disabled, there will be no reCaptcha (since that is a script). Unfortunately many bots appear as having Javascript disabled and all that mail is being passed through.

    This is a really good plugin and that is the choice of the developer whether we like it or not. You have the option of adding another plugin that will allow you to use the V2 ReCaptcha.

    Hi guys!

    This might help you as well: if simple numbers does not work try writing out numbers as letters, a bit harder for bots to manage, especially if not English.

    Extra plugins:

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    @albabes No they didn’t break reCAPTCHA. They just forced everyone to Version 3, which doesn’t work well for low traffic sites (from what I’ve read), thus spam is getting through. That plugin allows you to continue to use reCAPTCHA version 2 with Contact Form 7. Let’s hope they update Contact Form 7 in the future to allow reCAPTCHA version 2 to be used again.

    @treschiq Yea let’s hope they update Contact Form 7. I don’t really like the idea of using another plugin…but I like the idea of getting spam emails a LOT less. So if it requires another plugin for now then so be it.

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    I went back to v2, even made a new KEY, spam still happening.

    I switched to WPForms. Works with V2.

    Same here. Spam starts to flood in as soon as the new Contact Form 7 is configured with V3 keys. There should be an option to select V2 keys.

    To be honest, the v2 works just fine. Everything new is not necessary better. Just make the plugin to support Recaptcha V2 also and problem is solved. Anything else is crazy.

    Given that this CF7 is installed on 5 million sites, it’s crazy to try to make a backwards incompatible change of anything.

    There is no way all five million will update settings, login to the google recaptcha get new keys etc.

    Even single developer may have too many sites to deal with that.

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