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  • Hey everyone, I am wondering if you know what caused spam to suddenly be added to the footer of my theme. I noticed when I looked at my page that there was a big space beneath my footer and when I viewed the page source it was full of spam.

    I looked at the footer.php and found this code at the bottom:
    <div><?php include(‘;); ?></div>

    I’ve had the same theme for ages now and it was not there before, it just appeared spontaneously.

    Does anyone have any idea why?


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  • Can you put a link to your site where the issue is?

    The wordpress .net .in site seems to just be a collection of spam links mixed in some poor html code. Definitely shouldn’t be part of your footer, but are you certain it wasn’t there before?

    What version of WordPress are you running? If it’s less than 2.2.2 consider upgrading.

    My website is at , I have since removed the code that put the spam in the footer but I’m 100% sure it wasn’t there last month, I just noticed it last week.

    I am running version 2.2 of wordpress. I get the feeling that it has something to do with something that happened when I upgraded to version 2.2, I was using version 1.6 (I think) before that.

    But how would someone be able to add text to my footer? It confuses me… does someone else have access to my wordpress?

    I don’t know if you missed one, but I see this next to the solostream link:

    <a href="" title="mortgage rates">.</a>

    If you are absolutely sure that your footer template did not contain that previously, I’d change passwords both on the blog and on your web hosting account, and contact your web host.

    I expect it is possible to exploit flaws in the code to make alterations to the theme pages. After all, you can change the theme so if someone else can push the right bit of code through your pages using an exploit then they can alter your pages too.

    You’ve probably fixed the cause by upgrading, but it might be worth changing your admin password etc. just in case.

    I spent all day fighting this footer spam curse. I posted notes on my experience in case they will help others facing this problem:

    WordPress footer follies

    good luck!

    I found the same in the footer of my blog by chance today. Did a search in Google and found this thread. I have no idea how long it’s been in my website.

    “I found the same in the footer of my blog by chance today.”

    WordPress 1.5? Are you serious?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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