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  • Hi @jersey peeps,

    how to remove the spamming plugin

    Which plugin are you talking about?

    You will find information about how to remove / deactivate / uninstall plugin on the following page.


    your dashboard, will be reporting this issue to the wordpress team as this should not be allowed!

    Could you please tell me which dashboard are you referring?

    Also please tell me the exact issue you are facing. You can copy paste the issue message here if you are getting any so that i can help you to resolve it.

    Best Regards,

    Excellent that you will report this issue for me.

    The dashboard I am talking about is the intrusive wmpudev dashboard that is required to update the above and other wmpudev plugins. Once installed it directs you to the wmpudev inventory of plugins which is not required by most if not all users. This in itself is Malware and am sure wordpress would not allow this in any of their plugins??

    Why do I have to install something else that I never asked for?

    Why am i constantly pestered by the above reminder with no way of turning it off?

    Why do we have to use your dashboard over the wordpress dashboard to update?

    Why as a paying customer am i constantly bugged to upgrade my account when trying to get support?

    The above link is useless as you very well know that this malware that comes with this plugin is inbuilt into the plugin with no way of removing it other than deleting the above ‘smush it’ plugin.

    @jersey peeps,

    how to remove the spamming plugin i.e your dashboard, will be reporting this issue to the wordpress team as this should not be allowed!

    As it applies specific to the Smush.it plugin per this thread. The Smush.it plugin provided via the wordpress.org repository does not include any parts of out WPMUDEV Dashboard notification. The plugin is full compliant with the plugin guidelines http://wordpress.org/plugins/about/guidelines/

    Maybe you installed one of our other plugins.

    Must be one of your other plugins which im currently replacing with alternatives just to get rid of this Malware, sad as your plugins are generally good apart from the hidden code that forces you to install ‘another’ dashboard, so users have two dashboards inc the ‘wordpress’ one….which creates double the work when updating.

    @jersey peeps,

    I’m closing this thread as it has nothing to do with the wp.org released version of Smush.it. Sorry. just trying to keep threads here specific to the plugin. If you have specific complaints about WPMU DEV please post there for support.

    And be told to upgrade my account for so many $$’s a month for a support question? Let alone pay the same amount per month to use a single plugin that comes with Malware?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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