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    This plugin inserts “WooCommerce Checkout Manager” spam into your admin.

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    Hello mate,

    We would like to remind you that this alert is a recommendation from another free product. You have the option to dismiss it by clicking on the X. We understand your concerns, but it’s important to note that your negative comment could harm the reputation of this free product, which ultimately affects its sustainability.

    We kindly ask you to reconsider your comment as it directly impacts the reputation of the free product you are using.

    Best regards, QuadLayers Support Team.


    This plugin (Perfect Brands For WooCommerce) causes admin notices which are shown not only on the dashboard but also on almost every other admin page. It recommends installing other plugins, but instead of only targeting admins, the notices are shown to all users, ignoring whether if they can actually install plugins. It is true, that they are dismissible, but this has to be done by every user for each notice separately. Also the Advertisement still appears, even when the advertised plugin is already installed.

    In my opinion the behaviour described above violates the Plugin Directory Guidelines item “11 Plugins should not hijack the admin dashboard.” which states the following:

    “Upgrade prompts, notices, alerts, and the like must be limited in scope and used sparingly, be that contextually or only on the plugin’s setting page. […]”

    and the following is not a “must”, but still a “should”:

    “Advertising within the WordPress dashboard should be avoided[…]”

    I guess reworking your plugin to adhere to the Guidelines (by limiting the scope of the notices in terms of context and users targeted) is better for its reputation than asking users not to give unfavourable ratings.

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